Earth Station One

Modern Musicology #114 - 2024 (So Far)

Modern Musicology #114 – 2024 (So Far)

2024 (So Far) With the return of Anthony Williams to the show, he, Rob Levy and R. Alan Siler have an informal chin-wag about all the things we’ve missed talking about so far in 2024 — what we’ve been listening to, reading, and doing. We talk about recent albums by Bruce Dickinson, Blaze Bayley, Judas Priest, Wings,

ESO Board Silly Ep 40

ESO Board Silly Ep 40

In this podcast episode, the hosts discuss the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s latest nominees, debating the merits and impact of artists like Mary J. Blige, Sinead O’Connor, Mariah Carey, and bands like Foreigner and Styx. They express surprise over certain acts’ absence and discuss the fan vote’s limited

Modern Musicology #106 - The Music of 1974

Modern Musicology #106 – The Music of 1974

The Music of 1974 This week we’re jumping in our musical wayback machine and setting the dials for 1974! We talk about some of our favorite albums from that year, with music by Linda Ronstadt, Bowie, ABBA, Fleetwood Mac, John Lennon, Sparks, Kraftwerk, Parliament, Dolly Parton, Donny and Marie and Funkadelic. It was also

Earth Station One Ep 740 - Maestro Movie Review

Maestro Movie Review | Earth Station One

The end of the year is usually the season for the release of films aiming to receive awards, and previous winners Bradley Cooper and Carey Mullligan are currently featured in a biopic love story about an award-winning composer. Mike, Mike, and Jeff Dwoskin review the high and low notes of

Earth Station One Ep 739 - Wonka Movie Review

Wonka Movie Review | Earth Station One

Ladies and gentlemen of the Galeries Gourmet, witness the struggle of a young magician and inventor challenge the dominating Chocolate Cartel. Mike, Mike, Ashley, are joined by Matt and Elaine Sweatman to review Timothée Chalamet’s take on Roald Dahl’s classic chocolatier. Plus, Angela’s A Geek Girl’s Take, Ashley’s Box Office

Earth Station One Podcast Ep 738 | An Intro To Film Noir

An Introduction To Film Noir | Earth Station One

In the back alleys and dark shadows of the golden city of Tinsel Town, lives a genre of desperation, seduction, temptation, and brutality that all fall under the label Film Noir. Mike, Mike, Roby Levy, and Nick Fraser serve up their favorite sexy, smoky, and sour cinematic concoctions from the

Earth Station One Podcast Ep 737 - Godzilla Minus One Movie Review

Godzilla Minus One Movie Review

To celebrate the upcoming 70th anniversary of Gojira, Toho Studios recently released a throwback retelling set at the tail end of WWII. Mike, Mike, Alan J. Porter, Mark Holmes, and Drew Meyer review the newest Japanese import to hit our screens. Plus, Angela’s A Geek Girl’s Take, Ashley’s Box Office

Napoleon Movie Review - Earth Station One Ep 736

Napoleon Movie Review

Join the Earth Station One Podcast team as they embark on a cinematic journey through time with their latest episode featuring an in-depth review of the classic film ‘Napoleon.’ Delving into the iconic movie, the hosts provide insightful commentary on its historical significance, and innovative cinematic techniques. Alan J Porter

Earth Station One Ep 735 - The 2023 Geek Holiday Gift Guide

The 2023 Geek Holiday Gift Guide

If 2023 has gone by much too quickly and you are stumped as to what to give the geek in your life, the Earth Station One crew is here to help! Mike, Mike, Richard Ewell, and Mary Ogle have some great ideas on how to spend your well-earned savings. Plus,

Modern Musicology #94 - Great Producers

#94 – Great Producers

Great Producers No matter how good a band or artist is, a producer can make or break them. A good producer can elevate mediocre material, and a bad producer can turn great songs into sludge. This week we’re talking about some of the GREAT producers, those geniuses who work magic

Earth Station One Ep 733 - An LGBT Look At Cloudburst

An LGBT Look At Cloudburst

The Earth Station One Rainbow Room screens the 2011 film adaptation of Thom Fitzgerald’s stage play. Mike, Mike, Mary, and Ciaran Moffatt hit the road for this heartwarming and heartbreaking story starring Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker. All this, along with Angela’s A Geek Girl’s Take, Ashley’s Box Office Buzz,

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