Lego considering official ‘Back to the Future’ DeLorean set

By Evan Ackerman, Source: Dvice.com I hope you’ve got 1.21 jiggawatts worth of “Great Scott!” all lined up and ready to go, because a Lego* jury is officially pondering the release of a Back to the Future themed DeLorean set. Lego Cuusoo is a sort of crowdsourcing site for Lego

There may be 100,000 nomadic planets for every star in our galaxy

By Evan Ackerman, Source: Dvice.com Our galaxy is home to about three hundred billion stars. That’s a lot of stars. New research suggests that for every one of those stars, there may be a hundred thousand homeless planets wandering the galaxy. If you’re counting, that’s like 30,000,000,000,000,000 planets, and some

Valve: we might consider building hardware in the future

By Raymond Wong, Source: Dvice; If you don’t know Valve, you don’t know gaming. Gabe Newell, CEO of the company responsible for hits like Half-Life 2 and Portal as well as the awesome Steam platform says that building its own hardware is something the company might consider. Is that disruption

From geeks, for geeks: website to plan your nerd adventures

By Eileen Marable, Source: DVICE Sometimes it’s just not enough to see the major landmarks when you travel. In the back of your mind you know there is more out there — stuff that might be more interesting to you than your average bus tour. You want to see the

Voyager 1 becomes first man-made object to taste galactic space

By Evan Ackerman, Source: Dvice.com; The Voyager 1 space probe is currently about 11 billion miles from the sun. This is really, really far away: it’s three or four times farther away from the sun than Pluto is. Astronomers have been expecting Voyager to to make the transition between our

343 Industries confirms Halo 4 will be an Xbox 360 game

Announcing Halo 4’s existence at E3 was a bold move by Microsoft. On the one hand, more Halo! On the other, what system would the next game and trilogy be for? Neither Microsoft or Halo 4’s new developers 343 Industries made any confirmations. It’s now out in the open —

Star Trek: TNG getting HD conversion even though it’s impossible

By Evan Ackerman, Dvice.com Star Trek: The Next Generation is one of the very few shows that I would personally fork over a bunch of money to own in HD on Blu-ray, as soon as they get around to it. There’s just one problem with my awesome plan: an HD

Free space trip has to be the most awesome contest prize ever

By Michael Trei, source Dvice.com To celebrate its 50th birthday next year, the owners of Seattle’s iconic Space Needle are giving away what must be the coolest contest prize in history, a free trip into space. Teaming up with Space Adventures, the prize in Space Race 2012 is a suborbital

Potentially habitable Tatooine spotted only 40 light years away

By Evan Ackerman, Dvice.com So much for a galaxy “far far away.” Astronomers have made some detailed measurements of a planet in a binary star system some 40 light years from here, and it looks like it just might be habitable, with one red sun and one orange sun. Sounds

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