Dungeons and Dragons.


PCC Multiverse #169- Why 2021 Could Be Marvel’s Biggest Gamble, Should The Playstation 5 Be Delayed, and Are You Ready To Play Some Dungeons & Dragons!+

We’re back for another great episode as Josh and Gerald share thoughts on the growing trend in playing video games...

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NerdLanta Podcast: Episode XII – Seal Pup & Matt Metzger+

This is a flashback episode. Every week we’ll be uploading our classic episodes leading right up to our brand new...

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Pop Culture Cosmos #130+

This week’s show has Josh and Gerald recapping the big winners at the Oscars, comparing notes on the big win...

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PCC Multiverse Episode Sixty Seven+

Can the Predator hunt down a new audience, the lasting legacy of Dungeons and Dragons, Rick and Morty get 70...

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Pop Culture Cosmos Episode Seventy Eight+

We're talking about the confusion of the Annihilation movie, is Black Panther worthy of an Oscar nod, female empowerment superhero...

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PCC Multiverse Episode #56+

Black Panther's cultural influence and what's this about a Flamin' Hot Cheetos movie?

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The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Scifi News for 6/16/2017+

Happy Belated Father’s Day. Rats, I didn’t get to do my, “Where’s my cake, Bedelia,” during the opening of the...

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The Ratchet Retrocast Episode 38 – O Captain, My Captain+

From the first time he stepped into our lives as Mork on Happy Days we knew Robin Williams had a...

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Ratchet RetroCast Episode 22 – There Can Be Only One (Podcast)!+

The sensation you’re feeling, is the Quickening! Or the sweet sultry voice of Sean Connery? Join us this time as...

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Next On Earth Station One…+

The ESO crew gathers round the ol’ tabletop and rolls a twenty sided dice and takes a look back at...

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