Celebrating 25 years of geeky fun at Planet Comicon 2024

It’s always a bittersweet feeling when, on the last day of a con, you head out of the building for the last time and start the long walk back to your car, or the bus, or whatever mode of transportation you used to get there.  Your heart is full because

Pensacon and Three Days on the Beach? I’m There.

Pensacon is a medium-sized con with big dreams, that delivers. While it may be experiencing growing pains with its increased popularity and lack of large venue space, it does an admirable job of working with what it has, especially in terms of bringing in celebrity fandom favorites. They featured 14

Con report: Planet Comicon in Kansas City was a geeky good time

Five years ago, I talked my dad into driving with me up to Kansas City to check out Planet Comicon for the first time. It’s the largest con in our area, and I wanted to see what it was like but didn’t want to go alone. We loved it so

Wired and Tired – Soul Forge Podcast 217

Your host is both wired and tired on this week’s episode of the Soul Forge Podcast. It’s a fun, random episode filled with the usual irreverant humour you have come to expect! Why are we wired and tired? Well, Shawn has been exhausted and irritable as of late. This has

Conventional Wisdom

The 42cast Episode 123: Con-Ventional Wisdom

Conventions are making a comeback, and we couldn’t be happier. In this episode we discuss conventions from big to small. What makes a small convention different from a larger convention? How does a fan run feel compared to a corporate con? Does the genre being covered change things significantly? What

The Dragon Con Khan Report 2019 Ep 1

The Dragon Con Khan Report 2019 Episode 1

Believe it or not, Dragon Con 2019 is a little over 200 days away! Mike, Mike, and Darren are here once again to help prepare for the biggest geek party of the year. We are also joined by Michael Bailey, who honors Dragon Con in his heart and keeps it

Rusted Robot 217: Steel City NerdCon

An insider’s look into Sault Ste. Marie’s first Nerdcon! Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario is a border town located right across the river from Soo, Michigan. This year, Mike from Vintage Games and Junque at 165 Queen Street East, in Soo, Canada put together the first of its kind comic book

Braving the Dragon: Day 2

Dragon Con day two is a blur of images and the constant murmur of voices. It’s the bumping of shoulders in a crowd and the tight ache of muscles from climbing the hills. It’s the homeless men and women, some so skeletal you wonder how they remain alive. It’s the

On the Eve of Dragon Con

STROLLING THROUGH OTHER PEOPLE’S DREAMS One thing I’ve realized as I creep closer to my mid-fifties is that growing up is a myth. Adulthood implies an end game – a place where we’ve learned everything we need to know in order to thrive in this world. Yet the older I


Gallifrey One is difficult to describe because it is so many things. It’s like being at the center point of Doctor Who fandom and discovering it exists everywhere in infinite variation. The only thing unifying the disparate group of con goers was a love for a mythology based on a

The ESO 2015 Dragon Con Khan Report Ep 5

The ESO 2015 Dragon Con Khan Report Episode 5

Warning!!! Dragon Con 2015 is fast approaching! Collision imminent in less than 100 days! Learn how to protect yourself from con disaster from the ESO crew. Mike and Mike get the latest news from Director of Media Relations, Dan Carroll. Darren Nowell uncovers some spots of solace away from the

The ESO 2015 DragonCon Khan Report Ep 4

The ESO 2015 DragonCon Khan Report Episode 4

Only a little over 100 days left until Dragon Con 2015! Mike, Mike, and Darren help easy the pressure by informing you of the latest news and announcements. Michelle Biddix-Simmons warns of the dangers of stressing out too soon, Kevin Batchelder has some helpful hints on how to participate on

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