Dragon Con day two is a blur of images and the constant murmur of voices. It’s the bumping of shoulders in a crowd and the tight ache of muscles from climbing the hills. It’s the homeless men and women, some so skeletal you wonder how they remain alive. It’s the stench of car exhaust combined with bright laughter and gasps of awe at the next incredible creation to walk by. Dreaming on the streets of an American city is messy – our artistry and our apathy are so clearly on display.

My first stop of the day is a panel on the Hubble telescope. The room is packed and the speaker inspiring as he passionately describes his efforts to enable us to clearly see the stars. The audience is thrilled and enthusiastic. I think we all were grateful for the reminder that earth at its best is a world of explorers, bright and curious and open to the wonders of the universe.

After much wandering around I luck upon the Arrowverse panel where John Noble, John Barrowman and Victor Garber are holding court. They’re funny and engaging and seem genuinely happy to be there. They’re all men who love their craft and it shines through as they interact with each other and the audience.

After dinner with friends I brave the crowd once more. Dragon Con is as much about meeting up with your tribe and adding new members as it is about panels and shows and celebrity sightings. It’s tough to maneuver through the sea of humanity but that’s ok because it’s the journey not the destination that makes this con so special. Everywhere I go the space is filled with vibrant energy and a sense of shared delight. The day ends with the best type of exhaustion – the kind that allows me to fall into bed knowing I’ve experienced something that is changing me in the best way. I fall asleep wanting only to wake up and dream again.