Bleeding Cool

Robert Venditti And Cary Nord To Relaunch X-O Manowar

by Rich Johnston, Source: Bleeding On May the 2nd, Valiant Entertainment will launch X-O Manowar, a revamp of the Valiant/Acclaim character, from Surrogates creator and Iron Man writer Robert Venditti and artist Cary Nord.

Garth Ennis Writes The Shadow. All Other News Is Cancelled.

by Rich Johnston, Source: Bleeding Garth Ennis is writing a new The Shadow ongoing series for Dynamite for April this year, drawn by Holmes and Hornet artist Aaron Campbell, with covers by Alex Ross (above), Howard Chaykin, Jae Lee and John Cassaday. Ennis is an appreciator of the series

Bill Watterson’s Calvin And Hobbes For Sale

by Rich Johnston, Source: Bleeding Cool Up for auction next month, and no it’s not by Rob Granito. The rarity of such pieces means the market may go apeshit for this Bill Watterson painted Calvin & Hobbes piece from the 1990 calendar. Five figures at a minimum, could it be

Sarah Jane Team To Work On Russell T Davies’ New Kids Show, Aliens Vs Wizards

by Rich Johnston , Source: “It’s Doctor Who meets Harry Potter” And with those golden words, the BBC has signed up to a new Russell T Davies TV show, Aliens Vs Wizards for their children’s CBBC channel, something he has previously described as a “small committment”. Revealed by his

A New Superman Origin By Grant Morrison

by Rich Johnston, Source: I always loved the origin of Superman, as told by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely in All Star Superman, taking up one page and few words. But needs must as the devil drives and the new Action Comics series demands a more detailed retelling of

DC Comics Loses Trademark Fight Against Superloans

by Rich Johnston, Source: Bleeding; Yesterday, assistant commissioner of trademarks in New Zealand, Jenny Walden, as declared that Superloans character Buck does not infringe the Superman trademark of DC Comics/Warnr Bros The Dominion Post reports that Walden said that, “although it was clear Buck was a superhero because of

Sherlock Season 2 Gets An Airdate, New Artwork And A Blurb

by Brendon Connelly, Source: Bleeding; The BBC are finally going to give us what we want and screen the second series of Sherlock. And it’s coming soon. Very soon. Alongside the new promo images – see above and below – and the official blurb for episode one – see

When Mythbusters Goes Wrong – House Smashed, Minivan Battered

by Brendon Connelly, Source: Bleeding A new Mythbusters stunt has gone really rather wrong and while nobody was hurt, amazingly and thankfully, a couple of houses and a minivan took a good whupping. The test involved firing a cannonball, supposedly into a series of trashcans filled with water. But

Matt Smith – Making Doctor Who Seventh Series And A 50th Anniversary Special

by Brendon Connelly, Soucre: Bleeding Speaking on BBC Breakfast right now, Matt Smith has just spelled out his outstanding commitment to Doctor Who: they start filming in February for 14 new episodes, comprising “a full series”, a Christmas special, and a 50th anniversary special. That’s 50th anniversary special singular,

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