Flopcast 403: Arisia 2020 – Space Trains and Beaks+

Flopcast episode 403! Live from the horrifyingly cold mid-January Boston waterfront, it’s our annual report on our favorite local science...

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Flopcast 352: Arisia 2019 – All Your Theremin Needs+

Flopcast episode 352! Once again we braved the horrifying winter weather to cover Arisia, Boston’s long-running (30 years!) science fiction...

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Flopcast 312: Cooler Than a Sleestak+

Flopcast episode 312! Grab a bowl of Frankenberry, because we’re flashing back to Arisia (our favorite local science fiction convention),...

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Flopcast 246: Turn On Your Flop Light+

Flopcast episode 246! Kevin is back from Arisia (Boston’s big science fiction convention, held in the middle of winter, to...

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Flopcast 194: Arisia 2016 – Gazoo With a Kazoo+

Flopcast episode 194! After a three year absence, Kevin and Kornflake went creeping back to Arisia! (A science fiction convention...

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