Rowling just killed that Potter encylcopedia we were waiting forBy Matthew Jackson, Source:

Even before the Harry Potter novels were finished, J. K. Rowling was teasing us with the idea of an encyclopedia detailing all the magical ins and outs of the Wizarding World. She always said the book would take a while, but now it seems she could be abandoning the idea entirely. Why?

Last we heard about the encyclopedia, it was one of those things Rowling would get done somewhere down the road, with all the proceeds going to charity. But a new update to the FAQ section on Rowling’s official site seems to put those plans in serious jeopardy.

“I have been enjoying sharing information about Harry’s world on Pottermore for free, and don’t have any firm plans to publish it in book form.”

Pottermore, of course, is the interactive site that Rowling announced last year. The site is now open to the public, and features thousands of words of additional insight by Rowling herself into the Wizarding World.

So it seems Rowling’s found a digital outlet for all her extra Potter pages that make the idea of a book seem redundant. Of course, the lack of “firm plans” doesn’t rule out the lack of some plan somewhere in the future, but it now seems that even if Rowling does eventually conjure the encyclopedia up, it’ll be even further down the road than before.