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ESO says sayonara to 2013 the best way they know how. That’s right, we’re strapping 2013 in The Geek Seat! How did 2013 measure up? ESO examines the good, the bad, and the ugly of the year that was. Join us for another climactic episode of the Earth Station One podcast.

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Here’s the geek seat questions fr 2013, mail your results to

ESO 2013 Geek Seat Questions:

  • Favorite Geek Out Moment (Movie, TV, Comic, etc)
  • Most Disappointing Moment (Movie, TV, Comic, etc.)
  • Favorite Character of 2013 (Real or Fictional)
  • Least Favorite Character of 2013 (Real or Fictional)
  • Favorite Word, Phrase, or Quote
  • Favorite Geek Out Moment (Real Life)
  • Most Disappointing Moment (Real Life)
  • What Geeks You Out the Most about 2014?

Honorable Mentions are Welcome