Issue 17 – Love And Thunder Talk, PERIODT!

In Issue 17 Adam Whetston recounts a local act of hate while reaffirming exactly where this show stands on the subject of bigotry and intolerance. Mark and Dan talk to Brando Hilton about southern, gay, entrepreneurialism while also discussing the hot fire that is his new podcast, PERIODT! We also shed light on the national crisis happening in our transgender communities.

Beth and Kawika come at you both barrels blazing with new instalments of What’s on Our Tube and Bottom of the Barrell! Jon Rasmussen of Revelator designs our new banner then wraps it up in their hit new single “Crusaders”. Is White Claw for Baby Boomers? A Gen-X’er answers, then is made fun of by a Millennial. And it wouldn’t be an episode of Thunder Talk without someone celebrating a birthday!

00:00:22 Homophobia ruins Halloween
00:02:00 Foxy Tequila and Anchovies
00:10:24 Was Ru Paul a Harlem Globetrotter? w/ Brandon Hilton
00:20:51 What’s on OurTube! – “Carnival Row”
00:29:17 Studio D – Revelator “Crusaders” w/Jon Rasmussen
00:40:22 White Claws OK, Boomer
00:45:15 Mutli-Generational LGBTQ+ perspectives w/Brandon Hilton
00:53:37 WTLK – The Thunder
00:58:14 Boogy Down with B-Day McCray
01:00:16 PERIODT! w/Brandon Hilton
01:11:11 Bottom of the Barrell – “AMI”
01:23:32 Outro

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