Earth Station Who Episode 4: The War GamesThe 50th story in the franchise is a marathon, not a sprint, to the finish of the Patrick Troughton era. Mike, Mike, and Dave enlist in The War Games with some assistance from “The Ten Doctors” cartoonist, Rich Morris. As we say goodbye to The Second Doctor, we say “Howdy!” to the Time Lords and some other important elements that would shape the DWU for years to come.

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Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic

YAFGC vol 1 (The First Year) and YAFGC vol 2 (The Hands of Fate) along with prints and other stuff.

The upcoming books are YAFGC vol 3 (The Lich of the Rings) and “House of Paulus”, which I’m hoping to have available for sometime in June.

Rich Morris Comix Blog website

And the comics I’m working on are:
“A Time to Live; A Time to KILL!” (The Doctor meets James Bond) with Richie Brackin
Inking and Colouring by Christina Folkers whose stuff can be seen here:

Rich is doing a short story in 3 pages called “The Eternity War” (Daleks in Rome)at the moment while “–Time to Kill” is on a short haitus. Consider that a prequel to a future story.

“The Fairies of Cottondale Wood” (Magical folklore creatures) with Jennifer Morris


“Storybored” (a satire on the Animation industry) with Dominic Marco whose stuff can be found here: (Just as a warning, Dom is a pinup artist and some of his stuff might be NSFW)
and Casey Golding whose stuff can be found here: