This Week on Earth Station DCU! Deathstroke hunts the Teen Titan’s! In his most challenging assignment yet, Slade Wilson goes after the most powerful teens in the DC Universe in Teen Titans: The Judas Contract! Batman #21 is here! In Part I of The Button, The Reverse Flash goes after Batman taking revenge on the dark knight because his father, Thomas Wayne killed him in Flash Point. Can Bruce survive long enough for the The Flash to save him! In Nightwing, Dick and Shawn go on a quest to find Dr. Hurt. But can the love birds find Damien before Robin dies at dawn! Superman, Superboy, and Robin hunt for Batman in Superman #21. Can the trio survive against the mysterious Deadman’s swamp? Damien and Jon take on Kid Amazo in Super Sons. Superman talks with Batman and Wonder Woman about his Rebirth and the current reality of the DC Universe in Trinity! Also, DC News, Cletus’s pick of the week, and much more!


Table of Contents

0:00:00 Show Open

0:01:20 DC News

0:11:29 Batman #21

0:22:22 Nightwing #19

0:28:11 Superman #21

0:36:07 Super Sons #3

0:39:33 Superwoman #9

0:44:10 Trinity #8

0:49:53 Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

1:06:42 Show Close


Batman #21

Nightwing #19

Superman #21

Super Sons #3

Superwoman #9

Trinity #8

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (Cletus’s Read More Comics Pick)

Batman (1940-2011) #156 (Drew’s Read More Comics Pick)

The Chameleon Chronicles: Colors of Fate

The Chameleon Chronicles: Sisters of the Thorn

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