20,000 leagues under the sea gets it's writerhttp://blastr.com/2011/11/david-fincher-pulls-in-se.php” title=”David Fincher pulls in Se7en writer to go 20,000 Leagues with him” target=”_blank”>By Matthew Jackson, Source: Blastr.com

David Fincher has what seems like dozens of future projects in the works right now, and one of them is a return to sci-fi with an adaptation of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea for Disney. The flick may or may not be Fincher’s next work, but he’s at least found a screenwriter: His Se7en collaborator Andrew Kevin Walker.

Disney has been working for a while now on finding a compelling way to revisit the class Verne tale, which was made into one of the company’s most successful early live-action efforts in 1954. Though Walker is best known for Se7en and the almost equally creepy 8MM, he’s also worked in more fantastic realms with flicks like Sleepy Hollow and The Wolfman, so he might be a good fit, especially if Disney wants to go a somewhat darker direction with a new version of the classic story.

As for Fincher, there’s really no telling what he’ll do. His next release is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in December, but he’s been attached to so many other possible future projects that it seems difficult to peg which one will be his next release. Among the things on his plate: A TV series called House of Cards, a remake of Cleopatra with Angelina Jolie, this film, and Dragon Tattoo’s sequel, The Girl Who Played With Fire (if the first one is profitable enough and he still wants to work in that world).

Regardless of when it happens, it’ll be interesting to see what these two combined do with a Captain Nemo story. These are the guys that made Se7en together, after all, so who knows what kind of grim under the sea shenanigans they might get up to.