Cigar Nerds Podcast Episode 95: Merica! Happy 4th of July everyone. Yes I know its the 17th, but what does that matter you should celebrate freedom everyday. Also we had technical issues so we’re late. We decided to celebrate the fourth by making a list of the most American of movies. A list of movies that every red blooded American should have seen at least once, so we are discussing the first 3 nominations for this list. First up is the 50th anniversary of The Green Berets with John Wayne, next it the Patriot, and our final entry of this years list Armageddon, which also turns 20 this year. We’re introduce a new segment idea our Blowing Smoke segment where not only do we do occasional interviews but now we discuss random topics that we want to discuss but can’t make full episodes out of. This week were talking about being a movie Extra. In Nerd News we’re talking about John Wick 3, Top Gun 2 casting, Bill Murry zombie movies, Zombieland 2, a Black Widow movie, Skyscraper fails, and The New Doctor who teaser. This week we’re smoking the Camacho Coyolar. If the show doesn’t play please download.