Cigar Nerds Podcast Episode 87: In the Jungle. Welcome to the jungle. we got fun and games. Specifically games about jungles or at least movies about games about jungles. This week we’re taking a look at Jumanji. We dissect the latest movie based on a game to star the Rock, (he’s been in at least 3) and see how it stands up to Robin Williams original version.  In science we talk about lost ships, messages in bottles, moon wifi, and plant legos. In Nerd news we’re talking about the newest Infinity War trailer, micortransactions, Wonder Woman 2 castings, the return of the Leprechaun, the end of Toys R Us and Pickle Rick, and the Klingon Education system. We smoke the Macanudo Inspirado Red and review Hop Coca from Wicked Weed.