The Cigar NerdsCigar Nerds Podcast Episode 29: Rock Toons. This week we take a look at the unique relationship between Rock music and Animation. We look back at movies that have been inspired by music like Heavy Metal and Pink Floyd’s The Wall. We also talk about the best cartoon bands from Alvin and The Chipmunks to Dethklok. We also sit down with Mc Lars to talk about his up coming album and the state of Nerd Rap. We review the new Kristoff San Andreas and the Kentucky Old Fashion. In science, we talk about invisibility cloaks, Mars, and how selfies are killing you. In news we look at the return of Doctor Who, a new Men in Black trilogy, and the first teaser for Jessica Jones.

Heavy Metal
The Wall
Cartoon Bands
Kentucky Ale
Mc Lars
Virtual Enterprise
Invisibility Cloak
Doctor Who
Bat Mobile
Men in Black
Guardians Of the Galaxy