Modern Musicology

Modern Musicology covers topics on rock and pop ranging mostly from 70s, 80s and 90s (with occasional excursions into 60s and 00s).

Anything is fair game — classic rock, R&B, folk, punk, prog, rap, metal, and more.


Modern Musicology #51 - Abbey Road Documentary

Modern Musicology #51 – Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road — To kick off our second year, the Modern Musicology gang takes a look at the new documentary If These Walls Could Sing, by filmmaker Mary McCartney, investigating the history of Abbey Road, the studio home of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Wings, Oasis, Cliff Richard, Radiohead, The Alan Parsons Project, Fela Kuti, Kate Bush,

Modern Musicology #49 - Interview with David Fishof

Modern Musicology #49 – Interview with David Fishof (Rock Fantasy Camp)

This week the Modern Musicology gang goes away to camp as we pay a visit with the founder of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp, David Fishof, who is celebrating the release of his new book, Rock Camp: An Oral History – 25 Years of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp. He tells us

Modern Musicology #48 - Our First Anniversary

Modern Musicology #48 – First Anniversary!

First Anniversary! This week the Modern Musicology gang celebrates the show’s FIRST ANNIVERSARY by taking a look back at some of the highlights of the past year! Then we review some of our favorite album, single, book and film releases of the past year. If you have music lovers on your holiday

Modern Musicology #47 - Guilty Pleasures

Modern Musicology #47 – Guilty Pleasures

Court is in session and the Modern Musicology gang has been found GUILTY of liking some of the most un-hip and embarrassing stuff EVER! This is us confessing our Guilty Pleasures! We unrepentantly bask in our love of Shaun Cassidy, Donnie and Marie, The Spice Girls, The Bee Gees, The Monkees, Liberace, and even opera,

Modern Musicology #46 - Banned Songs

Modern Musicology #46 – Banned Songs

This week the Modern Musicology crew ignores what’s good for society and celebrates banned songs! These are the tunes that are too sexual, too controversial, too inflammatory or too revolutionary to be heard on the radio or anywhere else! These subversive tracks include obvious and important things like “Fuck the Police” by NWA and “Cop Killer” by

Modern Musicology #45 - Favorite Concert Memories

Modern Musicology #45 – Concert Memories

Concert Memories This week the Modern Musicology gang relives some favorite concert memories– from the good to the bad to the truly bizarre. Stephanie talks about touring with the Aquanettas, Alan tells the story of playing a show in a roller skating rink, Anthony saw Iron Maiden play soccer on stage, and Rob talks about his favorite soundcheck experience. No

Modern Musicology #44 - The Albums of 1992

Modern Musicology #44 – The Albums of 1992

The Albums of 1992 This year we dip back in time to discuss the albums that celebrate 30th Annivesaries this year — the albums of 1992! How can these be thirty years old??? We dig in deep with things like Dirt by Alice in Chains, Automatic for the People by REM, Henry’s Dream by Nick Cave

Modern Musicology #43 - The Songs of Halloween

Modern Musicology #43 – Songs of Halloween!

The Songs of Halloween! It’s the Great Pumpkin, Modern Musicology! Yes, this is our Halloween special, where we talk about all the great music that’s associated with the spookiest season of the year! We cover classics from rock, hip-hop, jazz, soul, goth, and metal. If you’re wanting to put together

Modern Musicology #42 - Great Collaborations

Modern Musicology #42 – Collaborations

This week the Modern Musicology gang celebrates some of the greatest musical collaborations of all time! What happens when two artists, two songwriters, an artist and a producer, or two bands come together to create something entirely new? The results are always amazing, right? Well, most of the time, but not always!

Modern Musicology #37 - Artists We Wish We'd Seen

Modern Musicology #37 – Artists We Wish We’d Seen

Artists We Wish We’d Seen We all have those artists that we regret never having seen live for whatever reason — work, proximity, cost, or not having been born yet. The Modern Musicology gang talks about some of their favorite artists we wish we’d seen, including Prince, Bowie, Roxy Music, ELO, Elvis, the

Modern Musicology 36 Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert

Taylor Hawkins Tribute (Modern Musicology #36)

Taylor Hawkins Tribute This was supposed to be a week off for the Modern Musicology gang! Alan, Rob and Anthony were at Dragon Con in Atlanta all weekend, and there wasn’t an opportunity for the four of us to record a new episode. But I came home from the convention on Monday and had the

Modern Musicology #35 - What Makes a Great Drummer

Modern Musicology #35 – What Makes a Great Drummer

The spotlight is on the drummers this week as Anthony, Stephanie and Alan are joined by IRA ELLIOT, the drummer from the band NADA SURF, to talk about what makes a great drummer! We debate the qualities that a good drummer needs to have and cite some of our favorite players, like Neil Peart  (Rush), Stewart

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