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It’s the 21st Century. Ever wondered what happened to all of those inventions, conveniences, and other ideas the future was supposed to bring?

Well, so have we. At Doctor Geek’s Laboratory, we will explore the realms of applied geekdom. We will examine the future that was, the future that is, and the future that has not yet come to pass.

Through enthusiasm, passion, and humor, we hope to bring our audience closer to the scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, tinkerers, and others who attempt to bring about the world of tomorrow. Together, we will help the future along…and give it a push where it’s needed.

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Dr. Scott Vigue

Episode 4 Double Prime – Exploring the World of Geekcraft – Broken Crown Games

In this episode Doctor Geek’s announcement regarding the lab’s summer convention schedule is interrupted by Mr. Creature who has just been given the power to duplicate himself. While Doctor Geek sorts out the chaos, sit back and enjoy the interview with the creators of Broken Crown Games. Their upcoming game,

Episode 4 – Privatization of Space Investigation Begins

Episode 4 – Privatization of Space Investigation Begins In this episode, the three part investigation into the privatization of space begins. Will it be possible to book a flight to the moon in our lifetimes? Does Mr. Creature have the RIGHT STUFF to be an astronaut?  Why is Mr. Flask

Everything Transitions ….

To celebrate the release of episode 3 we are holding a contest. You may have noticed quite a few pop and geek culture quotes in our podcasts.  Well, now you have a chance to put your observational powers to good use!  Identify as many of the quotes     that we use from

Earth Station One Episode 141: Highlander (I Thought There Could Be Only One)

Special guest host JC De La Torre (of the Transmissions from Atlantis Podcast) leads the ESO crew through the ancient battlefields in Scotland to sorcerers in the final dimension and all stops in between with a look at the Highlander franchise. Also participating in The Gathering are Mike, Mike, Bobby,

Episode 2 Reference Library Contest!

You may have noticed quite a few pop and geek culture references in our podcasts.  Well, now you have a chance to put your observational powers to good use!  Identify as many of the references as you can and submit a list via the form at The offical Doctor

Episode 2 – Elevators, Oracles and Skycars Oh my!

I am proud to announce the 2nd episode of Doctor Geek’s Laboratory of Applied Geekdom. This is not a Halloween trick, just an October surprise. I am so proud of my staff. This is quite literally a quantum leap from our first episode. So what is in this episode? In

Doctor Geek’s Lab LIVE! : Dragon*Con 2012

Episode 1 Prime – Doctor Geek Live! from Dragon*Con 2012 is now up.  While you are waiting for Episode 2, give a listen to Doctor Geek and Mr. Creature as they discuss our favorite topic, science from fiction. Give it a listen here

Earth Station One Episode 127: ESO Network Invades Dragon*Con 2012

For the first time, hosts from all the ESO Network of podcasts sat down and recorded together! And what better subject than the greatness that was Dragon*Con 2012? Featuring ESO’s Mike, Mike, Bobby, and William, Phantom Troublemaker from Earth Station Who, Jason & Rita from Transmissions from Atlantis, Dr. Scott

Meet The Lab’s Staff

It has been a very busy few days for us here at Doctor Geek’s Laboratory.   I hope everyone is enjoying our first podcast. If you want to reach the lab staff, you can reach us on our website or by email at or you can catch us on

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