Doctor Geek’s Lab

It’s the 21st Century. Ever wondered what happened to all of those inventions, conveniences, and other ideas the future was supposed to bring?

Well, so have we. At Doctor Geek’s Laboratory, we will explore the realms of applied geekdom. We will examine the future that was, the future that is, and the future that has not yet come to pass.

Through enthusiasm, passion, and humor, we hope to bring our audience closer to the scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, tinkerers, and others who attempt to bring about the world of tomorrow. Together, we will help the future along…and give it a push where it’s needed.

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Dr. Scott Vigue

New Episode of Doctor Geek’s Lab – Episode 12 (S2E6) The Swarm

  Just in time for the new Fall schedule, Doctor Geek’s Laboratory returns! Our second season continues with the conclusion into the investigation into 3D Printers. This investigation is the perfect example of why we often say, “the future is a moving target”. A lot has happened in the year

The Tears of Poseidon – The Tex Ravencroft Adventures Begin

I am proud to announce the release of Tears of Poseidon, the first in a trilogy written by myself and my wife, The New York Times Best Selling Author Debbie Viguie.  While Debbie and I have collaborated before, she provides the voice of Claire on Doctor Geek’s Laboratory of Applied

Doctor Geek’s Science Fair

On September 27, 2014, The South Florida Museum is proud to present Doctor Geek’s Science Fair! A unique blend of science and fiction, Doctor Geek’s Science Fair combines a classic science fiction convention with a science fair. In addition to the hands on activities, panels, exhibitors and vendors, students from

Through The Looking Glass with Doctor Geek

It’s been a while, but I am proud to announce our latest episode! The investigation into the future of the 3D printer continues with hacker, maker, and geek extraordinaire Josh Pritt. Meanwhile in a parallel universe Doctor Geek, Madame Oracle, Mister Creature and Intern Timmy must find their way home

3D printer Investigation Begins

Now that we have survived the 50th anniversary of that little show from England, we can now reveal the conclusion of the contest between Doctor Geek and Professor Pedantic. This episode also marks the beginning of our investigation into the 3D printer. How long will it be before we can

A Wild Endeavour

Doctor Geek’s Laboratory is proud to provide the first conversation with the production team of the new Doctor Who spinoff pilot A Wild Endeavour . As you will hear, taking a page from such productions as Veronica Mars, this Doctor Who spinoff pilot will be using kickstarter for both budgeting

The Science of Santa

How do you celebrate the holidays when you love your job? Create a holiday episode of course! Fresh from the successes of the most recent public appearances Doctor Geek and his staff must explain the science behind Santa Clause before Claire’s strike team reaches the North Pole. Check out our

Doctor Geek’s Lab Season One Box Set

The moment you have all been waiting for is finally here! Now you can own the re-mastered special edition of season one. In this set you will get all six episodes comprising our investigation into flying cars and the privatization of space. The set also includes some special features not

Episode 9 (S2E3) – Karaoke Contest

Happy Halloween everyone! We have quite the treat in store for you. The investigation into Our Companion the Robot concludes. Robot helicopters are here, can Skynet be far behind? Meanwhile Dr. Geek must face Professor Pedantic in a battle of the labs. Little do they know the future is at

Episode 8 (S2E2) – Cyberworld

In this new episode of Doctor Geek’s Laboratory of Applied Geekdom, the investigation into Our Companion the robot continues. Meet Albin Johnson founder of The 501st Legion and owner of R2KT. Meanwhile Mr. Creature explores the future for robots at that most wretched hive of scum and villainy, The Cobalt

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