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Modern Musicology #62 - Tony Levin Interview

Modern Musicology #62 – TONY LEVIN Interview

Rock Legend TONY LEVIN This week we had the extraordinary honor of chatting with the legendary Tony Levin! We talk with Mr. Levin about the imminent release of the new Peter Gabriel album and his preparations for the upcoming Peter Gabriel tour. He then regales us with stories from throughout his impressive career,

Modern Musicology #61 - Gary Clark Interview

Modern Musicology #61 – Gary Clark Interview

This week we’re excited to welcome Gary Clark to the show! Gary began his career in the late 80s as frontperson of the Scottish band Danny Wilson, writing and singing the band’s 1987 international hit “Mary’s Prayer.” Throughout the 90s and 2000s, he recorded one solo album and two albums as a

Modern Musicology #60 - Punk Photographer Theresa Kereakes

Modern Musicology #60 – Theresa Kereakes

This week Alan and Stephanie — joined by Steph’s husband Bob Perry — chat with Theresa Kereakes, one of the 150 or so core members of the original LA punk rock scene. Theresa began taking photos at a very young age, and by extension, she chronicled the early LA punk scene with her camera. Her famous photos

Modern Musicology #59b - BONUS Episode Nothin' But a Good Time

Modern Musicology #59b — Nothin’ But a BONUS EP

Nothin’ But a BONUS EP As a bonus ep this week, we present to you a 10-minute off-the-cuff and unedited discussion about the sexism on the Sunset Strip hard rock scene in the 80s and in the music industry as a whole. This discussion was taken from our interview with Tom

Modern Musicology #59 80s Metal

Modern Musicology #59 – 80s Metal with Tom Beaujour

80s Metal! Get out your Spandex, your hair spray, and your earplugs! We’re talking all about the rise and fall of the 80s metal scene with TOM BEAUJOUR, co-author of the book Nothin’ But a Good Time: The Uncensored History of the 80s Hard Rock Explosion! Hear stories about the early successes

Modern Musicology #58 - Celebrity Records

Modern Musicology #58 – Celebrity Records

Celebrity Records This week we take a look at celebrities who aren’t immediately thought of as musicians that make records. Sometimes they’re schlocky crap, but sometimes the celeb has legit musical talent and sustains a whole successful second career. We cover everything from Shatner and Hasselhoff to The Bacon Brothers, Clint Eastwood, Patrick

Modern Musicology #57 - The Albums of 1973

Modern Musicology #57 – The Albums of 1973!

The Albums of 1973! This week the Modern Musicology crew piles into the DeLorean, fires up the flux capacitor, hit a cruising speed of 88 mph, and heads back to the year 1973!  We talk about some of the great music released that year, with debuts by Bruce Springsteen, Queen, and Aerosmith, plus influential records

Modern Musicology #56 - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominations

Modern Musicology #56 – Rock Hall Nominations

Rock Hall Nominations! This week the Modern Musicology crew — joined by our good friend Gerry Schramm of the Something For Nothing: A RUSH Fancast — takes a look at the recently announced nominated artists for the 2023 class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! The nominees are (in alphabetical order): Kate Bush, Sheryl Crow, Missy Elliott,

Modern Musicology #55 - Richard Evans Interview

Modern Musicology #55 – Richard Evans

Interview with author Ricard Evans: Richard Evans is the author of the new book Listening to the Music the Machines Make: Inventing Electronic Pop 1978-1983. This definitive book explores how krautrock, disco, glam rock, and punk inspired an electronic pop revolution and how that revolution went on to establish the foundations for

Modern Musicology #54 - Second Albums

Modern Musicology #54 – Second Albums!

Second Albums! This week the Modern Musicology gang, joined by our good friend JM Tuffley, chats about those difficult, stressful, tricky second albums! You’ve had your entire early career to write, perform, and perfect the songs that’ll go on your first album. But what then? What about the second album? If your first album

Modern Musicology #53 The Beatles Go Solo

Modern Musicology #53 – The Beatles Go SOLO!

What happens when one of the most successful and most influential bands ever, which literally changed the face of music, breaks up? Well, if you’re a Beatle, you go on to an equally important and prosperous solo career. In this episode, the Modern Musicology gang takes a look at the post-Beatles careers

Modern Musicology #52 - Rolling Stone List of 200 Greatest Singers

Modern Musicology #52 — Rolling Stone Greatest Singers

Rolling Stone 200 Greatest Singers of All Time! On January 1st, Rolling Stone Magazine published their list of the 200 Greatest Singers of All Time, and caused a good bit of controversy by doing so. Fans of certain artists were up in arms that their fave was omitted from the list. The Modern Musicology gang

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