Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 66 – Cartoons of our Childhood Pt3

Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you Episode 66: Cartoons of our childhood Part 3 (Dan). In this episode, (the third of three) following on the heels of Paul & Shawn, Dan looks back at the Cartoons that shaped his early life. And there are a lot of them, most of these will

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 61 – Cartoons of our Childhood Pt2

Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you Episode 61: Cartoons of our childhood Part 2 (Shawn). In this episode, (the second of three, with Dan to follow later) following on the heals of Paul, Shawn looks back at the Cartoons that shaped his early life. And there are a lot of them, most

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 57 – Cartoons of our Childhood

In this episode (the first of three, with Shawn and Dan to follow later) Paul looks back at the Cartoons that shaped his life. And there are a lot of them as all he used to do when he was young was sit in front of the TV (apparently). Most

BFLTN 71 ThunderCats and Captain Planet

But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy Episode 71: It’s 2022, and We Learned Nothing

But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy Episode 71! Brittany takes her first ever episode off, so Martha is joined instead by her brother Sam (OG listener, and creator of our theme remix) and sister-in-law Caroline! They are bringing it back to some old favorite childhood cartoons. Sam talks about ThunderCats (which

Nate’s Nostalgia Tour – Soul Forge Podcast 236

Toys, games, cartoons and more are all a part of Nate’s nostagia tour. Join the Soul Forge podcast as we dive deep into Nathan’s world of collecting! I’ve known Nathan for about 15 years. We worked at The Home Depot together. We bonded immediately over toys and tattoos. Both of

Flopcast 501 Hoodoo

Flopcast 501: ABC Saturday Morning 1971 – Funky Phantoms, Secret Chimps

Flopcast episode 501! Let’s wrap up our look at the Saturday morning TV landscape of 1971! ABC’s lineup was probably the strongest of the three networks, but it’s still quite weird. There were classics like Road Runner and Jonny Quest, alongside oddities like Filmation’s Jerry Lewis cartoon, the Rankin/Bass animated version of the

Flopcast 499 Benita

Flopcast 499: NBC Saturday Morning 1971 – Problematic Pirates

Flopcast episode 499! Our examination of Saturday morning TV from fifty years ago continues with the NBC schedule, and it’s one of the weirdest lineups we’ve found so far. Among familiar old favorites like Woody Woodpecker, Pink Panther, and Deputy Dawg, we encounter psychedelic Krofft reruns, a two-headed llama, a comeback from Mr. Wizard,

Flopcast 496 Hair Bear Bunch

Flopcast 496: CBS Saturday Morning 1971 – Other Cave Teens

We’re way overdue for another look at an old Saturday morning TV schedule, so let’s see what the kids watched on CBS half a century ago while chomping on their Count Chocula. The CBS 1971 Saturday morning lineup included classics like Bugs Bunny (of course), Scooby Doo (the original version), and The Flintstones (reformatted to feature

The Blurred Nerds Podcast Episode 238

Squad Goals First up this episode, we chat about James Gunn’s take on Suicide Squad. There was comedy, gore, good performances and most importantly heart – all the things we look for in a Gunn production. How else would we have gotten a cute kitty in a Polka Man Suit?


Childhood Celebrity Crushes – Soul Forge Podcast #195

Almost everyone has childhood celebrity crushes. To prove it, I asked around and received an overwhelming number of responses. On this episode of the Soul Forge Podcast, we will be going over these lists. For our purpose, the term celebrity is wide open. We  have people who loved singers, actors,

all day

I Could Do This All Day – Rusted Robot Podcast 323

Babylon 5, Godzilla, cartoons and trailers. We are talking about all the latest in pop culture. Podcasting is great fun and I could do this all day, every day. Join your host Shawn, and Jeramy from the Fandom Squad Podcast as they chat about everything you love. Cartoons! This week

The Flopcast

Flopcast 445: NBC Saturday Morning 1990 – Everybody’s Miserable

Flopcast episode 445! Let’s wrap up our review of 1990 Saturday morning TV with a look at the bizarre lineup on NBC. We had a couple of cartoonified SCTV stars taking care of weird kids (John Candy in Camp Candy and Rick Moranis in Gravedale High), Captain N: The Game Master (with a shameless parade

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