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The Epsilon Three Episode 115 – Wheel of Fire

The Epsilon Three bring you their review of the Babylon 5 Episode: SE5 Ep19 Wheel of Fire. G’Kar deals with the ‘cult of personality’ that is forming around him. Delenn learns that she is pregnant. Lochley helps Garibaldi deal with his problems with alcoholism. What are your thoughts on this episode?

X-Men Animated Beast George Buza

The 42cast Episode 194: The George Buza Interview

The 42cast is proud to welcome star of the stage and screen, George Buza, to the show. George is best known as the voice of the Beast in X-Men: The Animated Series, X-Men ’97, and Spider-Man (1994). He is the only voice actor for the animated series to also appear

Dragon Con Hotels

The 2024 Dragon Con Report Episode 2

This month on the Dragon Con Report, we’re joined by Russ from the Dragon Con-Connection: Rooms, Roommates & Ride Facebook group. Time to recap some of this year’s challenges in the never ending struggle dealing with Dragon Con hotels. Booking a room for Dragon Con in downtown Atlanta is no

Earth Station Trek – What We Left Behind – Episode 155

This week The EARTH STATION TREK CREW is joined by two special guests — Nita, host of Sci-Fi Queens, and Ash Pistachio, Clownunist — to discuss the amazing 2018 Deep Space Nine documentary, “What We Left Behind”. You can follow Nita at the Sci-Fi Queens podcast across social media and

not packed

Not Packed, But Ready To Go! – Soul Forge #315

Not Packed, But Ready To Go! Talking about our first cruise together. This is Shawn’s very first cruising experience. Leah has been on several. While this episode has a heavy focus on travel, there are several other topics covered as well! One of Leah’s favourite parts of going on a

The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon: Episode 172: New Earth

The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon: Episode 172: New Earth (Classic Cat Behavior)

Toni and Joe are joined by Mike Gordon to discuss confounding variables, grape expectations, and skin care in the Doctor Who episode New Earth. If you’re interested in being a Friend of Rassilon, click here. Download • YouTube • RSS • Patreon • iTunes • Google Play • ESO Network

Cigar Nerds Podcast: The Bees!

Cigar Nerds Podcast: The Bees! Not the bees oh god! This week we review the newest Jason Statham action film The Beekeeper. In science we discuss monkey comedy, tidal kites, and is it legal to build a deathstar. In Nerd News we talk about Dead Pool Wolverine, Twisters, Boy Kills

Flopcast 616 Metamorpho and Sapphire

Flopcast 616: Ramona and Topo

Flopcast episode 616! Kevin and the Mayor of Chickentown are celebrating the career of comic book artist Ramona Fradon, who died this week at the age of 97. Ramona was one of the only women drawing comics way back in the early 60s, when she was the premier Aquaman artist

Matinee | Episode 400

It is our 400th EPISODE !!! and Jim discusses what he calls “The Perfect Movie For All Monster Kids,” Joe Dante’s 1993 “Matinee,” starring John Goodman, Cathy Moriarty, Simon Fenton, Omri Katz, Kellie Martin, Lisa Jakub, Robert Picardo, Lucinda Jenney, Jesse Lee, Jesse White, James Villemaire, David Clennon, Dick Miller,

Modern Musicology #106 - The Music of 1974

Modern Musicology #106 – The Music of 1974

The Music of 1974 This week we’re jumping in our musical wayback machine and setting the dials for 1974! We talk about some of our favorite albums from that year, with music by Linda Ronstadt, Bowie, ABBA, Fleetwood Mac, John Lennon, Sparks, Kraftwerk, Parliament, Dolly Parton, Donny and Marie and Funkadelic. It was also

The Earth Station DCU Episode 367 – How It’s Going

This Week on Earth Station DCU! Drew Leiter and Cletus Jacobs wonder how it’s going. A house fire causes more issues in Fire & Ice: Welcome to Smallville #5. Sin reveals the truth about Megaera in Birds of Prey #5. Jaime teams up with Victoria Kord to defeat the Blood

The Epsilon Three Episode 114 – The Fall of Centauri Prime.

The Epsilon Three bring you their review of the Babylon 5 Episode: SE5 Ep18 The Fall of Centauri Prime. The fate of Centauri Prime is decided, between the weapons of the Alliance and the threats of the Drakh. Delenn and Lennier are stranded in hyperspace. What are your thoughts on this

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