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Timestamp: Series Ten and Twelfth Doctor Summary

Doctor Who Series Ten and Twelfth Doctor Summary Peter Capaldi’s final run was nearly on par with his last set. This group of stories kept up with Series Nine‘s continuing mission to analyze the human condition in the science fiction tradition. Series Ten focused less on vengeance but kept a

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Timestamp #282: Twice Upon a Time

Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time (1 episode, Christmas Special, 2017) The (other) two Doctors. 709 episodes ago, the First Doctor faced the Cybermen. After the threat was over, the Doctor walked through the snow storms of the South Pole to his TARDIS. There he found someone claiming to be

Movie review: Disney brings ‘The Little Mermaid’ to live action

I love Disney. The very first movie I saw in theaters was the animated Aladdin. My daughter and I regularly listen to (and dance along with) a Disney playlist on Spotify. I carry a Moana backpack/purse with me everywhere I go. And yes, I’m the type of person who gets

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Timestamp #281: World Enough and Time & The Doctor Falls

Doctor Who: World Enough and Time Doctor Who: The Doctor Falls (2 episodes, s10e11-12, 2017) Powerful, surprising, and heartbreaking: A Doctor Who triple threat. World Enough and Time Upon a snowy landscape, the Doctor stumbles from the TARDIS and repeats the word “no” as he begins to regenerate. He falls

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Timestamp #280: The Eaters of Light

Doctor Who: The Eaters of Light (1 episode, s10e10, 2017) Last stand in Scotland. In the present day near Devil’s Cairn, Scotland, little Judy tells her brother that she wants to hear the ghosts. Her brother warns that there are ghosts, but Judy hears music and defies his request for

Movie review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was not the movie I expected it to be.  For one, it is much darker and somber in tone than the other two volumes in James Gunn’s trilogy. Sure, there are some laughs and humorous moments sprinkled throughout, but this film also has elements

What I love about Star Wars (that not everyone talks about)

Ask Star Wars fans what we love most about the franchise, and you’ll hear common topics like the Jedi, lightsabers, the Force, bounty hunters, spaceships, the epic John Williams scores, and so on. And if you ask about our favorite characters, names like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and

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Timestamp #279: Empress of Mars

Doctor Who: Empress of Mars (1 episode, s10e09, 2017) Long live the ice queen. In 2017, the controllers at NASA are watching with bated breath as the space probe Valkyrie approaches Mars. The Doctor, Bill, and Nardole appear in Mission Control as the countdown ends and the first images return. Everyone

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Timestamp #277: Oxygen

Doctor Who: Oxygen (1 episode, s10e05, 2017) Take a deep breath. It might be your last. On a space station named Chasm Forge, workers Ivan and Ellie spacewalk across the hull to effect repairs. The pair are romantically involved and Ellie tries to tell Ivan that she wants to have

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