Steven Moffat

Earth Station Who Ep 352 | Doctor Who Boom

Doctor Who: Boom | Earth Station Who

Join the crew from Earth Station Who as they dive deep into the thrilling Doctor Who episode “Boom,” penned by the legendary Steven Moffat. In this episode review, we see how the Doctor and Ruby Sunday face down death itself in a warzone where any sudden move might be your

The Tenth Anniversary of The Day of The Doctor - Earth Station Who Ep 336

The Tenth Anniversary of The Day Of The Doctor

It’s hard to believe it’s been a decade since the premiere of The Day of the Doctor. Mike, Mike, Mary, Melanie Dean, and Scott Vigiue look back at Stephen Moffat’s monumental magnum opus while also looking ahead to the upcoming sixtieth anniversary. We want to hear from you! Please write

Earth Station Who Ep 325, Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War Review

Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War Review

Demons run when a good man goes to war. The Eleventh Doctor and his friends come very close to meeting their ends when a good man goes to war. Mike, Mike, and Mary sit on the couch and snack on popcorn when a good man goes to war. We want

Earth Station Who Ep 314 - The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe

Earth Station Who – The Doctor, The Widow, and The Wardrobe

The Eleventh Doctor gifts a family with a portal to a realm that is definitely not Narnia. Mike, Mike, and Mary open the “Christamssy of Christmas” presents from Steven Moffat and take a peak at the new teaser trailer for the upcoming 60th anniversary special. We want to hear from

Earth Station Who Ep 207

Earth Station Who Podcast Episode 207 – The Curse of Fatal Death

The first of three Ninth Doctors made his debut in a Red Nose Day special just prior to the turn of the century. Mike, Mike, Mary and Thomas & David Herman enjoy what is perhaps The Doctor’s funniest adventure that is surprisingly prophetic. We want to hear from you! Please

Earth Station Who 121 - Series 9 Wrap Up

Earth Station Who Episode 121 – Series 9 Wrap Up

From the opening guitar riffs to the closing cloister bells of the TARDIS, Series 9 was a symphonic mixture of all too familiar refrains along with some funky new grooves. Mike, Mike, Mary, Jen, and Alan Siler sing songs of praise and blame as they tour Skaro to Gallifrey and

Earth Station Who Ep 118

Earth Station Who Episode 118 – Heaven Sent

Mike, Mike, Mary, Jen, and Robert McIntyre review the penultimate episode of the ninth series in which the Doctor goes where angels fear to tread to face a puzzle only he can solve no matter how long it takes.

ESW Ep 115 - The Zygon Inversion

Earth Station Who Episode 115 – The Zygon Inversion

In the aftermath of last weeks Zygon Invasion, the crew prepares for the Zygon Inversion. Mike, Jen, Mary, and someone we assume is Nicole Mazza of The Terminus Podcast, escape from an exploding plane and come face to face with the real “Truth or Consequences.” Which box did we choose

Earth Station Who Ep 110

Earth Station Who Episode 110 – Under The Lake

When there’s something strange in your underwater base, who ya gonna call? The Doctor! Mike, Mike, Jen, Mary, and the underwater nonmenacing Drew Meyer do the whole “cabin in the woods” thing and attempt to translate all the markings in this episode. Overall a friendly discussion. No etiquette cards necessary.

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