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ESO Board Silly Ep 38

ESO Board Silly Episode 38

The board of the ESO Network is back with tales of Spooks and Tofurkey. This time, Director Mike Faber runs in to host this episode and talks to Kevin, Scott & Mary about their experiences with Halloween Trick or Treaters or lack of. Then we dive into our Thanksgiving traditions

The Tenth Anniversary of The Day of The Doctor - Earth Station Who Ep 336

The Tenth Anniversary of The Day Of The Doctor

It’s hard to believe it’s been a decade since the premiere of The Day of the Doctor. Mike, Mike, Mary, Melanie Dean, and Scott Vigiue look back at Stephen Moffat’s monumental magnum opus while also looking ahead to the upcoming sixtieth anniversary. We want to hear from you! Please write

ESO Network Board Silly Ep 36

ESO Board Silly Episode 36

The board of the ESO Network is back. This time, Doctor Scott runs in to host this episode and talks to the crew about their experience with IA in the workplace and everyday life, including building websites and writing papers, recording music, and possibly replacing podcast hosts. But that’s not

ESO Board Silly Episode 34

ESO Board Silly Episode 34

The board of the ESO Network is back and this time Doctor Scott is hosting and talking to the crew about their geeky coming and goings over the past few weeks, including the final of Picard. But that’s not all, why not join us for all the fun, and become

ESO Board Silly Ep 29

ESO Board Silly Episode 29

ESO Network Board Silly Episode 29 The board of the ESO Network is back and this time Kevin takes us on a fun ride on how Mike F survived a cruise through Europe, our memories of the Love Boat, and how the others have spent their fall being bored but

ESO Board Silly Ep 27

ESO Board Silly Episode

The board of the ESO Network is back and this time Kevin takes us on a fun ride into how we prepping for Dragon Con, our favorite convention of the year. Not only do we talk about how unprepared and rushing around like chickens with our heads cut off with

Earth Station One Ep 623

The Earth Station One Podcast – Science Stuff We Thought We’d Have by Now

It’s 2022. Where are the flying cars? We were promised flying cars! Mike, Mike, Chip Johnson, and Dr. Scott Viguie look at a few other technical wonders that science fiction promised would be part of our everyday lives and yet are still things to come. Plus, Wrestlemania Rants and Raves,

Earth Station Who Ep 281

Earth Station Who – Paradise Tower

The Seventh Doctor and Mel discover that there are some deep dark waters in the Paradise Towers pool. Mike, Mike, Mary, Dr. Scott Vigiue, and Dave Chapman take the Fizzade taste test and determine if it really is ice hot. We want to hear from you! Please write to us

ESO Board Silly Ep 14

ESO Board Silly – Episode 14

It starts out with a discussion about where is your happy place is, and then slowly morphs into a conversation about celebrity sightings and spotting movie location shoots. You never know where the crew from ESO Board Silly will go. The crew all have fun chatting away, even when they

ESO Board Silly Ep 13

Patreon Exclusive: ESO Board Silly Episode 13

The ESO Board is back and this time out we are trudging our way in trying to find our way to a new normal in this continuing era of COVID-19. Some of us traveled for the first time, some hung closer to home as the family came to visit. It

The ESO Board Silly

The ESO Network Board Silly Episode 6

The ESO Board gathers once again to get goofy together and this time we talk all about one of favorite conventions of the year Dragon Con. This years con was a little different though as we went 100% virtual. How was the experience for us? We talk about the panels,

ESO Board Silly Ep 5

ESO Board Silly Episode 5

Yup, it’s time for another episode of the ESO Board Silly podcast, from the death of a coffee maker to how we are prepping for Virtual Dragon Con 2020. Available to all our patrons of the ESO Network, why not join in for as little as .25 cents a week.

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