Episode 23 – Stripped to Kill – 1987+

This week, Cory picked the 1987 slasher whodunit horror flick “Stripped to Kill.” This is yet another 1980s slasher flick...

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Episode 22 – The Void – 2016+

This week, Eric picked the 2016 supernatural sci-fi horror flick “The Void.” This is one of the creepiest films we’ve...

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Episode 21 – Slumber Party Massacre – 1982+

This week, Cory picked the 1982 slasher flick “Slumber Party Massacre.” If you have a soft spot for over-the-top 80s...

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Best Horror Films of 2018 – Spooky Dudes+

This is actually an episode of our other show “Spooky Dudes” – if you like what you hear, please check...

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The Nerdy Laser Podcast-Episode 13: The Attraction Of Haunted Houses+

This time around on the Nerdy Laser Podcast we shift a little bit from our normal 90s talk to discuss...

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The Nerdy Laser Podcast- Episode 11: Ernest Scared Stupid+

The Halloween Season has begun here at The Nerdy Laser Podcast & we are kicking off the spookiest time of...

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The Pro Wrestling Roundtable Podcast Ep 63 – Horror In Wrestling+

It’s that time of year to be spooky & scary so the guys are going to talk horror in wrestling....

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Ep19 CQ Movie Review: The Green Inferno+

CasterQuest Hosts Mandy and Len join forces to produce our first Movie Review episode covering squelchy gorefest “The Green Inferno”...

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