Picard Season 2

The 42cast Episode 172: Mind Your P’s & Q’s

Picard season 2 continued the adventures of an older Jean-Luc Picard. This time the story added popular characters Q and Guinan and also explored Picard’s past and character. In this episode we discuss the second season of Picard. We take a deep dive into the plot and discuss whether the

Earth Station Trek Episode Sixty – Penance and Species Ten-C

Join the Earth Station Trek crew as we pay “Penance” with Star Trek: Picard before visiting “Species Ten-C” with Star Trek: Discovery. We also discuss the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds trailer and touch on a very special day in Star Trek history. SPOILER ALERT – PIC 2×02 10:54- 38:45

Earth Station Trek Episode Fifty-Nine – The Star Gazer and Rosetta

This week the EARTH STATION TREK crew will visit “The Star Gazer” with the season premiere of Star Trek: Picard before studying “Rosetta” with Star Trek: Discovery. We’ll also touch briefly on the latest Star Trek news, reflect the anniversary of Leonard Nimoy’s passing, and Chuck and Veronica report on


Earlier this year Mark and Dan had the privilege of presenting a few panels at the Miami International Sci-fi Film Festival. This is the audio from one of them… Science Fiction is more mainstream than you ever imagined! What’s the connection between Star Trek and Jem? What does laser weaponry


Earth Station Trek Episode Twenty-Four – Picard

Join your Hosts Charles Kelso, Keith Johnson, Alan Siler, and Veronica Dashiell as they discuss the first season of Star Trek Picard. It is love or hate? The last fifteen minutes they discuss the season two trailer and speculate. Earth Station Trek is a part of the ESO Podcast Network, Executive Producer


The 42cast Episode 114: Bad to the Bone

The 42cast goes bad this week as we take a look at the darker side of entertainment. In this episode we talk about villains. We discuss what makes a character an interesting villain and exactly what criteria you should use to determine if a villain is the “greatest”. Then, we

Earth Station Trek Episode Twenty-Three – News and Rumors

This past week was Captain Picard Day, and with it Paramount released a huge amount of news! Prodigy characters with their voice actors and the directors and writers for Strange New Worlds and Picard! Hear what we think, and then tell us what you think! Earth Station Trek is a part

The Monster Scifi Show – Scifi News for 6/18/2021

Another week has passed and another week is scifi news is upon us. On this podcast, I will be flying solo but nonetheless, I am beyond excited to talk about what’s blowing up my geeky little mind.

The Ratchet RetroCast Episode 61 – H.P. RetroCraft

Into the mind of madness! Q and Strangeway plummet along with author Charles R. Rutledge as the Retrocast covers the famed H.P. Lovecraft! This episode is our fill in for missing our usual Halloween special. So grab your Necronomicon and strap in for this hour of H.P Lovecraft lore! Show

Ratchet RetroCast Episode 60 – Hack The RetroCas

This is our world now… the world of the electron and the switch, the beauty of the baud. One of the main lines from the hacker manifesto. Jack in and take a listen as the RetroCast celebrates the 20th anniversary of one of our favorite movies from the 90’s: Hackers!

The Ratchet RetroCast Episode 59 – SLC RetroCast!

One of our last special live recordings from our many travels is a special presentation of Q’s “Clockwork Comics” panel live at Salt City Steamfest. Friends of the show Gabriel Colbaugh and Tony Ballard-Smoot join in and contribute to this comic geek fest. Tune in to listen if you have

The Ratchet RetroCast Episode 58 – RetroCast of Cosplay

The RetroCast is coming at you live again from Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015! This week Q and Strangeway are joined by Dakoma Sanchez and Dorian Chase to discuss the growing world of Cosplay. We cover the origins of the term as well as the beginnings of cosplay at conventions to

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