Cigar Nerds Podcast: Christmas in Vegas

Cigar Nerds Podcast: Christmas in Vegas. This week we couldn’t find a new holiday movie we liked so we’re going to talk about a part movie. Close enough right? This week we review a return to adult comedy in Obliterated. It’s the hang over meets John Wick. In science we

Flopcast 606 Bill as Composite Santa

Flopcast 606: Get in Line to Milk Santa

Flopcast episode 606! Special guest Blasted Bill joins us for a Very Flopcast Christmas! And we’re putting Bill to work on an extra festive Top 4 ½ List of… Santas! Bill and Kornflake share their favorite Santas from movies, television, ski slopes, bar crawls, and maybe even Canada. (Let’s hope

Flopcast 605 Jackee Christmas

Flopcast 605: Drunken Kilt-Wearing Christmas Capybaras

Flopcast episode 605! Every year dozens of ridiculous identical made-for-TV holiday movies are forced upon the people. And every year we try to fix these movies by making them weirder. We’ve selected a few of this year’s new releases (from the usual suspects like Hallmark and Lifetime), most of which

Flopcast 604 Tic Tac Dough Dragon

Flopcast 604: Game Show FlopFight Part 2 – Meat Displays

Flopcast episode 604! Break time is over, and the FlopFight resumes! Ed (from the Sponge Awareness Foundation) is back to help us wrap up our tournament of game show hosts (and associated game show weirdos). The players are drawn at random, and the competitions are drawn at random, so anything

Flopcast 603 Chicken Runners

Flopcast 603: Alone With My Trap Tree Thoughts

Flopcast episode 603! Our game show-themed FlopFight concludes next week, but first, let’s take a quick intermission! Go hit the lobby and grab some unreasonably priced Junior Mints! And for your entertainment while we’re waiting for the carnage to resume, this week we have: Cider Monday (a holiday for bizarre

Cigar Nerds Podcast: Thanksgiving

Cigar Nerds Podcast: Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving a time for smoking birds and cigars, and thanks to Eli Roth its a time for murder. This week we discuss the new horror movie Thanksgiving. In Science we talk about pain, AI chemist, living past 100, and rescue rats. In Nerd News we

Flopcast 602 Vanna White

Flopcast 602: Game Show FlopFight Part 1 – Naked Wheel of Fortune

Flopcast episode 602! Kornflake is back! And Ed, the other half of the Sponge Awareness Foundation, is back too! Because Ed thought we should have a game show-themed FlopFight, and it’s not like we had anything better to do! So here we go with another ridiculous tournament, and this time

Flopcast 601 Kirk and Uhura

Flopcast 601: All Alone, All Alone, All Alone

Flopcast episode 601! It’s the quick fill-in episode to end all quick fill-in episodes! With Kornflake still unavailable (busy at a lobster-and-British-comedy convention, we assume), there’s nobody left in the studio except Kevin and a few stray rubber chickens. So we just have a bunch of podcast recommendations for you,

Cigar Nerds Podcast: God of Mischief

Cigar Nerds Podcast: God of Mischief. Well it seems Brad has been pruned from the sacred time line so the Ginger Avenger is here to fill in. This week we are talking about Loki season two. In science we discuss real transformers, lava lamp encryption, space fights, and wendigo. In

Flopcast 600 Wonder Woman Superman

Flopcast 600: This Will Be Lame

Flopcast episode 600! For our big milestone 600th episode, we’re doing… well, not much of anything. It’s just Kevin and the Mayor of Chickentown goofing around while we await the triumphant return of Kornflake. Topics include: A correction from last week’s show about mall sticker girls! (Oh yes, we heard

Flopcast 599 Papa Ginos

Flopcast 599: I Can’t Mall Here Anymore

Flopcast episode 599! Let’s go to the mall! But one specific mall that isn’t there anymore! (Well, it’s sort of still there, but not really.) We’re joined by Gleaming the Tube‘s Kevin Cafferty to look back on the Lincoln Mall in Lincoln, Rhode Island (frighteningly close to Woonsocket). It wasn’t the biggest

Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy’s movie review and franchise history! This week on the Soul Forge we talk about everything to do with Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF). We just saw the movie on opening night. Our initial thoughts and reactions, fresh from the theatre are here for you to enjoy.

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