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The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – The Kingsman: The Golden Circle+

Mr. Gene and I are back to give our opinions of Kingsman: The Golden Circle. How did Harry come back from...

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Metal Geeks 77: Post Con Geekery+

  Download this episode (right click and save) Subscribe To Podcast Join your hosts, Cary the Metal Geek, Dave as...

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That X-Men: First Class sequel we’ve been waiting for is on!+

By Matthew Jackson, Source: The massive commercial and critical success of X-Men: First Class meant we were almost guaranteed...

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Producer reveals there WILL be an X-Men 4 and 5+

Always wanted to see more of Professor Charles (Patrick Stewart) Xavier’s bald head—instead of the full head of hair James...

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Matthew Vaughn’s retired superhero flick stirs comics controversy+

With X-Men: First Class well on its way to the theaters, director Matthew Vaughn has his eye set on a...

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