The 42cast Episode 61: Trial Run+

As Runaways season 3 rushes at us, we’re taking a look back to our discussion of season 2. Runaways was...

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Metal Geeks 167: Comic Con 2019 Geekery+

Joining Cary the Metal Geek and George on this episode are special gusts Justin Corbett from Mindfudge Comedy Podcast and...

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‘Best of the worst’: Top five Marvel Cinematic Universe villains+

After an epic 10-year buildup, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s ultimate villain finally arrived to restore balance to the universe earlier...

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The 42cast Episode 31: A Hela Good Time+

It’s been over six months, since Thor: Ragnarok hit theaters. Teaming up Thor with the Hulk, the film boasted a...

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The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Thor Ragnarok+

From the shattering of Meow-meow by Hela, to Thor’s new hairdo from Space Supercuts, and to Thor seeing his friend...

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Toy Review – Avengers Loki By Hasbro+

Hey there, ESO-keteers! (what?) I’m back with some more toy reviews that you can only see right here on the...

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Mighty Changes for Thor Comic Series+

Marvel announced today some changes for the Asgard-related monthly comics. In April, the current Thor comic will return to its...

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