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Transmissions From Atlantis 77 – Continuum Force at Timegate (plus Series 8 News on Doctor Who)+

Rita and JC are back from Atlanta and Timegate 2014. The Timegate convention holds a special place in TFA’s heart...

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Transmissions From Atlantis 41: Timegate 2013, Colin Baker and Doctor Who Series 7 Review+

Hey there folks, we have a jam packed show for you this week. We have our portion of an exclusive...

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Earth Station Who Episode 9: Logopolis+

The cloister bell rings signaling the end of an era. After seven seasons as the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker resigns...

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Transmissions From Atlantis – Episode 2+

Getting it in just under the gun, we give you a fantabulous Episode 2 of Transmissions From Atlantis. This week’s...

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