Jennifer Hartshorn

Earth Station Who Ep 215

Earth Station Who – Who Was Your First Doctor?

Recorded live at WHOlanta 2019! Many of us remember our first viewing of Doctor Who. Was it love at first sight or a slow burn? What was it that drew you to travel with a madman in a blue box through all of time and space? Mike, Mike, Jennifer Hartshorn,

Earth Station One Podcast Ep 470

The Earth Station One Podcast – Avengers: Endgame Movie Review

The culmination of over a decade of the MCU has arrived and is breaking box office records across the planet. Mike, Mike, Ashley, Alex, and Jennifer Hartshorn rant and rave about the giant-size epic conclusion that’s making cinematic history. All this, along with Angela’s Geek Girl Take, Michelle’s Iconic Rock

Earth Station Who Ep 206

The Earth Station Who Podcast Episode 206 – Series 11 Review

Doctor Who made history with the eleventh series as it was the first to feature a female lead. Mike, Mike, Mary, Jennifer Hartshorn, and Robert McIntyre break down the best and worst moments from “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” to “Resolution” and look a head to what they’d like

Earth Station Who Ep 195

The Earth Station Who Podcast Episode 195 – The Woman Who Fell To Earth

It’s a new era of Doctor Who! Mike, Mike, and Mary are reunited with Jennifer Hartshorn and Dave (aka Phantom Troublemaker) to discuss the debut of the Thirteenth Doctor and her amazing friends. We want to hear from you! Please write us at . Also, please subscribe and rate the

Earth Station Who Ep 175

Earth Station Who Podcast Episode 175 – Twice Upon A Time

Returning home for the holidays, Jennifer Hartshorn joins Mike, Mike, and Mary for the BBC Doctor Who Clearance Sale, where everything must go! They find a great deal on a multi-Doctor story combined with a Christmas show with a little regeneration thrown in for good measure. In fine Dickens tradition,

Earth Station Who Ep 163

Earth Station Who Podcast Episode 163 – The Doctor Falls

While ‘Howdy’ Mike Gordon is away in the great white north of Alaska, Mike, Jen, and Mary are joined from the UK by Robert Mcintyre to discuss the stunning end to season 10. After last weeks big reveals, can the Doctor stand against the challenge of both Missy and The

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