James Cameron

Earth Station One Ep 661 - Avatar: Way of Water Movie Review

The Earth Station One Podcast – Avatar: Way of Water Movie Review

James Cameron’s long-awaited sequel to the biggest box office success of all time has finally arrived in theaters. Mike, Mike, and Ashley will take a deep dive and let you know if it was well worth the wait. All this, along with Shout Outs. We want to hear from you!

So Bad It's Good

The 42cast Episode 162: Rough Diamond

We’ve all had the experience. We see a movie that we know is truly awful by any measurable factor, but we love it anyway. In this episode we discuss the phenomenon that makes something “so bad that it’s good”. We talk about our favorite movies that fit that description and

The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Scifi News Post Irma

As Irma huffed and puffed, she could not blow this podcaster away…wait, that came out wrong!!! (That’s was she said!) Putting this childish humor aside, it is indeed great to be back and to be able to podcast once more. As with past Scifi News, I will be talking about

James Cameron promises his Battle Angel project ain’t dead yet

By: Matthew Jackson, Source: Blastr.com Ever since we heard over the weekend that James Cameron is super dedicated to the Avatar franchise, we’ve been wondering what’s to become of his long-awaited big-screen adaptation of Battle Angel Alita. Is the project doomed? Cameron himself has just weighed in, and he says

Asteroid Mining Venture Backed by Google Execs, James Cameron Unveiled

By Mike Wall , SPACE.com Senior Writer Space.com | SPACE.com, Source: Yahoo.com / Space.com A newly unveiled company with some high-profile backers — including filmmaker James Cameron and Google co-founder Larry Page — has announced plans to mine near-Earth asteroids for resources such as precious metals and water. Planetary Resources,

Earth Station One Episode 97: The World of James Cameron

This week we will continue on our series to talk about our favorite movie makers , this time out we talk about the works of James Cameron, from Terminator to Avatar and everything in between. Also while we are at it we will be talking about the news from DC

Next on Earth Station One…

Next week, Earth Station One travels across the sea and dives into the murky depths before hurtling across the universe and into the far-flung future. And we’re doing it all in glorious 3-D as ESO takes a look at the films of James Cameron. Also, the ESO crew travels to

Guy who used to work for James Cameron sues for Avatar idea theft

By Matthew Jackson, Source: Blastr.com; We made peace a while ago with the fact that James Cameron’s Avatar doesn’t exactly have the most original plot. (Remember FernGully?) But we weren’t planning on taking him to court over it. Now a guy who used to work for Cameron is suing for

James Cameron’s Fantastic Voyage is a doomed ‘love story’

By Marc Bernardin, source: Blastr.com Before the Avatar mastermind James Cameron heads back to Pandora, he’s working with Reel Steel director Shawn Levy to remake Fantastic Voyage, the trippy ’60s bodyscape adventure. And, of course, Cameron’s injecting a little Titanic into the mix. Cameron and Levy are about two-thirds of

James Cameron has been brainstorming that next Terminator movie

By Don Kaye, Source: Blastr.com There’s both good news and bad news about the next Terminator movie, and the good news involves none other than James Cameron. According to Deadline, the development process for Terminator 5 has been moving along, with producers hoping to put the film into production by

Cameron + del Toro + Gaiman = $300 million epic Chinese trilogy?

Does it even matter what they’re working on, given the trio’s Oscar-winning, dream-summoning, monster-mashing resume? Well, since you asked, it’s a $300 million adaptation of a 500-year-old Chinese folk legend. Yes, that feeling is your interest getting piqued. Gaiman has been hired by Chinese TV producer Zhang Jizhong to write

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