Ghostbusters 3

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The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Scifi News for 1/18/2019+

The Monster Scifi Show Podcast is back with it’s first Scifi News for 2019. Are you happy about this? If...

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Bill Murray turns down Ghostbusters 3, sequel in “suspended animation”+

By Mark Langshaw, Source Digital Bill Murray will not be involved in the proposed Ghostbusters 3, Dan Aykroyd has...

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‘Ghostbusters 3’ will get made ‘with or without Bill Murray’+

By Zakia Uddin,Source: Digital Dan Aykroyd has hinted that Ghostbusters 3 will get made with or without Bill Murray’s...

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The reason Bill Murray isn’t making Ghostbusters 3 is Ghostbusters 2+

Will Ghostbuster 3 EVER get made? The script’s been done for awhile now, but Bill Murray just can’t seem to...

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Why everything you’ve heard about Ghostbusters 3 is WRONG+

You know all those rumors about what’s going on with Ghostbusters 3? Forget them. They’re all wrong. Who says so?...

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