Metal Geeks 175: Circle Tickle Geekery+

Join the Metal geeks crew as they tickle each other’s geeks as they discuss what they are looking forward towards...

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PCC Multiverse Episode Eighty Four+

It’s Part Two of our Fall/Winter Movie preview as we share thoughts on Fantastic Beasts 2, Mortal Engines, Bumblebee, Aquaman...

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CasterQuest Ep 57: WHYBW? Rogue One/ SW Rebels/ Trollhunters/ Star Vs/ Journey to the West+

In Episode 57 we host another What Have You Been Watching? Mandy and Xavier talk lots of Star Wars: Rogue...

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Metal Geeks 86: Super Metal Geekery+

The Metal Geeks crew discuss a wide range of topics including Destiny, Disney Infinity, Lego Dimensions, the Monkees, our Summer...

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Metal Geeks 79: Ant-Tastic Comic-Con Geekery+

  In this episode of the Metal Geeks podcast, Cary the Metal Geek, George and Dave convene to discuss some...

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Metal Geeks 78: Super Terminator Geekery+

Join your hosts Cary the Metal Geek, George and Dave, as they discuss some of the latest Summer movies Inside...

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Metal Geeks 69: Heir To The Geekery+

Sixty-Niiiine Duuuude! Yes, boys and girls, episode 69 of the Metal Geeks podcast has been unleashed into the wild! In...

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Transmissions From Atlantis 73 – MARVEL Movie Madness+

JC and Rita are back and going on MARVEL movie overload! From Blade to Captain America – The Winter Soldier,...

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