Flopcast 620 Dynamite Bummer girl with teddy bear

Flopcast 620: Cool It, Ponch

Flopcast episode 620! We’re diving back into the pages of Dynamite magazine, so we can pretend it’s still 1979. (Give it a try. Set the mood with a Gloria Gaynor record.) This randomly selected issue has Erik Estrada on the cover, and inside we learn that the CHiPs star had

Flopcast 596 Alfred E Neuman cake

Flopcast 596: Smash the Chicken Patriarchy

Hang onto your milk money, because we’re celebrating National School Lunch Week with a Kornflake Cafeteria Quiz. (Would she eat a Tater Tot? We’re still not sure…) Then it’s time to dive into another issue of Dynamite, the magazine for weird kids of the 70s and 80s. And we’re looking at

Flopcast 570: Have Some Back Hair, Crunch Some Birds

Flopcast episode 570! We haven’t reviewed a weird school book club magazine from the 80s since… oh wait, it was three weeks ago. Thanks for your patience. This time we’re looking at a 1984 issue of Maniac, a short-lived Dynamite-type magazine aimed at a slightly older audience, with an added twist of Mad-style

Flopcast 567 Big Bill Blitz

Flopcast 567: I Know Where You Stuff Things

Flopcast episode 567! It’s about time for another Dynamite magazine review, but to mix things up, we’re looking at a different (but eerily similar) magazine called Winner. A single issue of Winner was sold through school book clubs in 1982, and it’s essentially a sports-themed version of Dynamite. Our discussion includes: John McEnroe’s hair; Chris Evert

Flopcast 548 Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman

Flopcast 548: A Terrific Bionic Mummy Lookalike Horse

Flopcast episode 548! Join us as we flip through another old issue of your favorite magazine from the school book club, Dynamite! This one is from way back in 1976, and the cover just might feature an arm wrestling competition between the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman. We have

Flopcast 506 Dynamite magazine with Rick Springfield

Flopcast 506: Dynamite in Denim

Flopcast episode 506! Way too cold to leave the house, so today we’re just flipping through another old issue of Dynamite, that classic magazine for kids of the 70s and 80s. (You could get Dynamite through the school book club or by subscription, so either your teacher or your mailman would know you’re

Flopcast logo

Flopcast 472: Not Fit For Human Listening

Flopcast episode 472! If you were a 70s/80s kid who wanted to know what was really going on, you ordered Dynamite magazine through your school book club. Today we’re flipping through the December 1979 issue of Dynamite, with Steve Martin on the cover. And hey, Steve’s first (and come on, best) movie The Jerk premiered

The Flopcast

Flopcast 455: Young Weird Goofballs

Flopcast episode 455! Let’s flip through another old issue of Dynamite, the magazine all the cool kids of the 70s and 80s faithfully ordered through the school book club. (Ah, the book club… the reason your teacher had to spend half the day counting nickels…) And for no particular reason, we’re

The Flopcast

Flopcast 387: Hogwash!!

Flopcast episode 387! It’s time to flip through another issue of the magazine we all bought through our school book club long ago, Dynamite! And this 1981 issue is an amazing one, because the cover features a hero of ours, and someone you’ve heard on The Flopcast: James “The Amazing” Randi!

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