Drew Meyer

Earth Station Who Ep 197

The Earth Station Who Podcast Episode 197 – Rosa

In the third episode of the eleventh series, the Thirteenth Doctor and the TARDIS crew find themselves in a place more alien than any they’ve visited – Alabama 1955. Mike, Mike, Mary, and Drew Meyer witness history in this powerful thought-provoking story. We want to hear from you! Please write

Earth Station Who Podcast Ep 176 - The Moffat era pt 1

The Earth Station Who Podcast Episode 176 – The Steven Moffat Era pt 1

From fan to writer to show runner, Steven Moffat has had a long journey with Doctor Who. Mike, Mike, Mary, and Drew Meyer take a look at some of the high and lows of the Moffat Era. We want to hear from you! Please write us at . Also, please

Earth Station One Podcast Episode 302 – The Imaginarium of Terry Gilliam

Despite some reports last year to the contrary, the only American member of Monty Python is still very much alive. Mike, Mike, Anthony Taylor, and Drew Meyer perform a pre-posthumous retrospective of a truly unique creative visionary. Plus, we welcome back Montgomery Lopez and see if he can face the

Earth Station Who Ep 110

Earth Station Who Episode 110 – Under The Lake

When there’s something strange in your underwater base, who ya gonna call? The Doctor! Mike, Mike, Jen, Mary, and the underwater nonmenacing Drew Meyer do the whole “cabin in the woods” thing and attempt to translate all the markings in this episode. Overall a friendly discussion. No etiquette cards necessary.

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 277 – Connery, Sean Connery

The ESO crew takes a look at the charismatic Scottish actor who thrilled audiences whether his character was Irish, English, Russian, American, Moroccan, Greek and even and Egyptian with a Spanish name. Mike, Mike, Jason De La Torre, and Drew Meyer examine Connery’s career from his work with leprechauns to

Earth Station One Episode 185 – The Films of John Carpenter

We continue our Countdown to Halloween spotlighting one of the true masters of horror, John Carpenter. Mike, Mike, award-winning author Bobby Nash, award-winning artist Mark Maddox, Anthony Taylor, and Drew Meyer run into some big trouble in Little China and escape from New York wearing their sunglasses while avoiding psychopaths

Earth Station Who Episode 44 – Time Crash & The 10 Doctors

The slow days of summer and the living is fine, and the station is filled with reserve members for a jolly ol’ time. With Phantom and Mike G on vacation, Director Faber brings along Jennifer from ESO, Drew Meyer, Artist extraordinaire Rich Morris and newcomer Kris Nelson to continue our

Earth Station One Episode 169 – The World of H.G. Wells

On this episode, the station is full to the brim with folks celebrating the life and career of “The Father of Speculative Fiction,” “The Patron Saint of Steampunk,” “The Shaper of Things to Come,” “History’s Awesome Outliner,” and “That Strange Gent from Kent,” Herbert George Wells. Showing the Wellsian love

Earth Station Who Episode 42 – Series 7b Review & Who’s Next

The ESW crew was preparing an intense look at the second half of series 7 when it was announced that the 11th Doctor will say good bye at the end of the year. Mike, Mike, Phantom Troublemaker, Jennifer Hartshorn, Lady Soliloque, and Drew Meyer express their thoughts on the unexpected

Earth Station Who Episode 36 – Journey To The Center of The TARDIS

The Doctor and Clara take a trip of a lifetime without going anywhere! Mike, Mike, Phantom Troublemaker, the award-winning author Bobby Nash, Anglofile extraordinaire Jonathan Thomas, and listener Drew Meyer remark on all the sights and sounds revealed in that beautiful big blue box. Plus, Jonathan introduces us to the

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