Dragon Con 2022

Best Saturdays: Dragon Con Trek Track / Dan Carroll Interview

Dragon Con 2022! Mark & Dan deliver the debrief on their Star Trek: The Animated Series panel along with the franchise’s progressive legacy according to the cast of Discovery and Picard and the missed opportunity of a shirtless Wilson Cruz. Plus Media Engagement Director Dan Carroll sat down with us

THUNDER TALK ⚡ Dragon Con 2022

Join the Thunder Crew as we report from Dragon Con 2022 and give our after-action report! 00:00:21 Knock Knock 00:01:13 Mark On The Bus 00:02:58 Saturday Night at Dragon Con 00:08:38 Birthday Con 00:13:41 Beth & Kawika 00:18:41 Night Train 00:20:33 LifeSouth 00:31:45 The Awesomeist 00:43:18 First Con 00:45:00 Wresting

Dragon Con Recap #4: Days 4 & 5: A Return to Form

Sunday Rain rolled in today, so I used that as an excuse to relax for most of it. In the afternoon, we ran over to Hardy Ivy Park for a Hellfire Yearbook group photo and then just had to stop by the Poop Lions at the Marriott to see the

Dragon Con Recap #3: Days 2 & 3

Friday Today the vendor hall opens, so like many others I made my way to America’s Mart around noon to join the line. We made it inside after about 45 minutes and headed to straight up to Artist’s Alley on the 4th floor. Had a quick chat with Michael Gordon

Dragon Con Recap #2: Day 1 – Where I Learn My Limit

Thursday The official first day of con now has quickly become the day I try to squeeze too much in and pay for it the rest of the days. This year, I certainly outdid myself. While my gang went to get their badges in the morning, I stepped off the

The Blurred Nerds Podcast 265

On this episode: First up, it’s time for Lil’ Bit’s annual Dragon Con recap. What was new this year for her and has her age finally caught up to her body? Can a Mai Tai be too good? In the second half of the show, we discuss some of the

Dragon Con Recap #1: Day 0 – In The Beginning

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jen or Lil’ Bit in con circles. I created the Dragon Con Parties, Meetups & More group on Facebook back in 2019. In just a few years, we’ve grown to over 4,500 members. That same year believe, I also

Weekend at Dragon Con

Saturday begins with a trip to moonbase Alpha. Space 1999 is one of those things I feel never gets enough love. The show’s  look and premise, especially in the first season, was something a lot of later shows took from and built on. I enjoy a fascinating discussion of the

Dragon Con Begins

Thursday at Dragon Con is a liminal space, a time of in between. It begins in harsh reality, sweating through a maze of ticket lines at the Sheraton, but igniting in the evening, morphing into a colorful dreamscape of leather, fur and feathers. The crackle and buzz of potential fills

Is Dragon Con Essential to Survival?

Fandom isn’t a box of groceries left on an old woman’s doorstep. It isn’t a thick blanket gifted to a child on a frigid night, and won’t keep the rain off your head. Yet to so many it is as necessary and natural as breathing. Why? If survival is dependent

Thunder Talk ⚡ 2022 Dragon Con Pre-Game Show

Thunder Talk ⚡ 2022 Dragon Con Pre-Game Show

Welcome to the 2022 Dragon Con Pre-Game Show! Tonight we discuss a few highlights from this year’s convention including gaming, Star Trek and the health & safety protocols. 00:00:31 These F**k’n Nerds! 00:01:46 Captain Perfect Hair 00:10:33 Dragon Con Health & Safety 00:17:07 Wrestling 00:19:37 Let’s Talk Hotels 00:32:21 Gaming

ESO Board Silly Ep 27

ESO Board Silly Episode

The board of the ESO Network is back and this time Kevin takes us on a fun ride into how we prepping for Dragon Con, our favorite convention of the year. Not only do we talk about how unprepared and rushing around like chickens with our heads cut off with

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