Supernova – Earth Station Trek Episode One Hundred and One

This week the EARTH STATION TREK crew is taking a look at “Supernova,” the two-part season finale of Star Trek: Prodigy! Earth Station Trek is a part of the ESO Podcast Network, Executive Producer Mike Faber.

Star Trek: A Year In Review – Earth Station Trek Episode Seventy-Eight

Get ready for Star Trek: Year in Review! This has been an extraordinary year for Trek. We’ve had the longest unbroken string of new content we’ve ever had, with new episodes of Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks, Prodigy, and Strange New Worlds! We will review it ALL! From our LIVE SHOW July 14! Earth

Earth Station Trek Episode Sixty-One – Assimilation and Coming Home

In this thrilling installment of EARTH STATION TREK we mull over the big news that Captain James T. Kirk is en route to Star Trek: Strange New Worlds before embracing “Assimilation” with Star Trek: Picard and ultimately “Coming Home” with Star Trek: Discovery in our season four wrap-up! SPOILER ALERT!PCD

Earth Station Trek Episode Sixty – Penance and Species Ten-C

Join the Earth Station Trek crew as we pay “Penance” with Star Trek: Picard before visiting “Species Ten-C” with Star Trek: Discovery. We also discuss the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds trailer and touch on a very special day in Star Trek history. SPOILER ALERT – PIC 2×02 10:54- 38:45

Earth Station Trek Episode Fifty-Nine – The Star Gazer and Rosetta

This week the EARTH STATION TREK crew will visit “The Star Gazer” with the season premiere of Star Trek: Picard before studying “Rosetta” with Star Trek: Discovery. We’ll also touch briefly on the latest Star Trek news, reflect the anniversary of Leonard Nimoy’s passing, and Chuck and Veronica report on

Earth Station Trek Episode Fifty-Eight – Moxie Magnus and The Galactic Barrier

The EARTH STATION TREK crew is joined this week by Lieutenant Moxie Ann Magnus, chief xenocosmetologist aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, for an enlightening, and uproarious, insight into hair styling in the 23rd Century! After that, we cross “The Galactic Barrier” with Star Trek: Discovery! Spoiler Alert! DSC 4×10 21:18-57:49 Earth

Earth Station Trek Episode Forty-Nine – Shatner in Space and …But to Connect

This week the EARTH STATION TREK crew will blast off with the Amazon Prime documentary, SHATNER IN SPACE, before learning “…But to Connect” with the midseason finale of Star Trek: Discovery! We’ll also have time for This Week in Trek History and a listener submitted Question of the Week! SPOILER

Bradley Palermo & The Shadow Queens ⚡ A THUNDER TALK Christmas Event

Welcome to another Sorta-Christmas Special where we sorta talk about the holidays! We open these folk-punk festivities bearing gifts. Otherwise BYOB + $5 at the door. Our first gift doesn’t need a special occasion to be a special occasion. Bradley Palermo returns to Thunder Talk, this time backed by The

Earth Station Trek Episode Forty-Six – Most Alien Aliens and All is Possible

This week, the EARTH STATION TREK crew will explore the most fantastic aliens in Star Trek history before realizing that “All is Possible” in the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery! Spoiler Alert! DSC 4×04 41:23-66:58 Earth Station Trek is a part of the ESO Podcast Network, Executive Producer Mike Faber.

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