Cosmic Pizza Podcast

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 58 – Our favourite films of the 2000s

Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you  Films From the 2000s. Today the Pizza delivery team bring you a selection of the films that were released in the 2000s, including their top three films of that decade. Which films are your favourites of this decade? What are your thoughts on this episode? Let

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 54 – The 2 Year Anniversary Show

The Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you episode 54 – Two Year Anniversary Show. We commemorate two years of podcasting together by looking back at our previous shows and celebrating all things two with two quiz’s. One is about musical twos and music with space themes, the other is a number

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 52 – Films from the 1990s

The Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you episode 52 – Films from the 1990s. This week Shawn is back to help us transition into the promo and also talk about our favourite films of the 1990s. Which will be our top 3 best films of the decade? Will you agree with

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 51 – Stupid Deaths

The Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you episode 51. This week Shawn is away on a sabbatical, so Dan, Paul discuss stupid deaths from the Darwin awards website. There are far to many to discuss, as I am sure you are aware so we just picked out our favourites. In case

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 50 – The Works of Michael Crichton

The Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you episode 50. This week Dan, Paul & Shawn discuss the works of Sci-Fi writer, director, screenwriter and producer Michael Crichton. We find out that he was a giant in the sci-fi world as well as the real world and is more than just the

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 47 – Babylon 5 Season 1 Review

This week the delivery boys Dan, Shawn and Paul talk about their favourite Sci-Fi TV show. No, not Star Trek, but Babylon 5. They review Season 1 which they have been watching for their sister podcast The Epsilon Three. They pick their favourite and least favourite episodes, and share their

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 41 – Our Favourite Stand-up Comedians Pt2

Welcome one and all to Episode 41 in which we conclude our conversation about our favourite comedians.As before the clips I have inserted do not belong to me and have been taken from the YouTube clips that I have added links to below.If you watch the full clip or even

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Ep33: The Casting Couch – Babylon 5

Recently J Michael Straczynski was given the green light to reboot his 1990s Sci-Fi classic TV series Babylon 5. He wasn’t sure he could re-cast the roles, so he got in touch with the guys at the Cosmic Pizza Podcast and asked us to help. Sadly, most of the cast

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 32 – Alternative Super Heroes

Are you getting tired of the same old super heroes doing the rounds. Well how about mixing up marvel or a different DC universe. In this episode of the Cosmic Pizza Podcast, Dan Paul and Shawn discuss their alternative versions of modern day super heroes. Can you think of any

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