4th Doctor

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Earth Station Who – The Invisible Enemy+

The Fourth Doctor and Leela embark on a fantastic voyage and Mike, Mike, Mary, and Wil Nix shrink down to...

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Earth Station Who Podcast – The Brain of Morbius+

Sacred fire! Sacred flame! Mike, Mike, Mary, and Robert Ray crash land on the planet Karn and share some elixir...

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The Earth Station Who Podcast Episode 173 – The Invasion of Time+

Hail to the chief! The Fourth Doctor assumes the role of the Presidency of the High Council of Time Lords...

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The Earth Station Who Podcast Episode 129 – The Hand of Fear+

The ESW crew welcomes a new companion to Doctor Who and says goodbye to one of the most well loved...

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Earth Station Who Episode 104 – The Pirate Planet+

Mister Fibuli! Mister Fibuli! By all the x-ray storms of Vega! Brigade Leader at UNIT Southeast KE Castelan joins Mike,...

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Earth Station Who Episode 48 – The Deadly Assassin+

The Doctor finally returns home to Gallifrey and he might not have a companion, but that doesn’t mean he’s alone....

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