Flopcast 518 Cupcake from Foz and the Happy Days Gang

Flopcast 518: 80s Vehicle FlopFight Part 2 – Light Up the Letters

Flopcast episode 518! Special guest Blasted Bill is still here, and our favorite vehicles from 1980s pop culture are still doing battle in our latest FlopFight tournament. Some major players were knocked out last week (farewell, A-Team van) as Airwolf flew straight into the finals. Can anything stop that high-tech

Flopcast 517 Michael Knight and KITT

Flopcast 517: 80s Vehicle FlopFight Part 1 – Bike on Bike Action

Flopcast episode 517! Our old pal Blasted Bill returns, and Bill is here for a FlopFight! The subject is 1980s vehicles, so your favorite cars, trucks, vans, and bikes from 80s movies and TV shall do battle. (Mr. T has the van. And if Jan Michael Vincent brings the helicopter,

Flopcast 516 Arcade movie poster

Flopcast 516: Carrie Is a Problem

It’s just more random silliness, just for you. We imagine a world in which Kornflake is in control (it’ll be all Howard Jones concerts, all the time), and Kevin recalls racing a turkey through the mean streets of Chickentown (the turkey won, of course). Then our supercomputer forces us to

Flopcast 515 Gloria Estefan with cat guy

Flopcast 515: Dedication to Pie

Flopcast episode 515! Another quick random show, including: Happy Birthday to Matthew Broderick (star of Ladyhawke) and Elton John (star of the “Nikita” music video); Kevin has a pile of 80s movie promo buttons (“Free Johnny Dangerously!”); Gloria Estefan is a cat; Madonna is not a mermaid; the American Sci-Fi Classics

Flopcast 514 Michael J Fox in a Julian Lennon video

Flopcast 514: Say We’re Wrong

Flopcast episode 514! Time for a hugely important correction: Last week we got a couple of obscure Julian Lennon videos mixed up. (The “we” means Kevin. Kornflake was innocent this time…) But it’s an excuse to revisit the wonderfully ridiculous “Stick Around” video, featuring cameos by stars from Square Pegs, Family Ties, The

Flopcast 513 Mystery Date board game cover art

Flopcast 513: Take the Chickens Bowling

Flopcast episode 513! This week we let the Chickentown Studios supercomputer randomly determine our discussion topics. (Does this mean we’re completely out of ideas? Oh, that happened six or seven years ago…) The result is an even weirder show than usual. Including: The 40th anniversary of Pac-Man Fever; songwriter Carole

Flopcast 512 Billy Ocean

Flopcast 512: I’ve Had the Tuesday of My Life

Flopcast episode 512! It’s a Tuesday spectacular! This episode was recorded on Tuesday, 2/22/22, so we’re looking at the 2nd, 22nd, 222nd, and 2222nd biggest 1980s pop songs, according to the amazing book Ranking the ’80s. You’d better believe Billy Ocean is involved, and he’s gonna get out of our

Flopcast 498 Demi

Flopcast 498: Brat Pack FlopFight Part 2 – St. Elmo’s Hand Turkeys

We started our ridiculous Brat Pack tournament last week, and now it’s time to settle things once and for all, like Swayze in Road House. A couple more Breakfast Club members enter the competition this time, along with the stars of 80s classics like Pretty in Pink, The Outsiders, Dirty Dancing, Red Dawn, and more. And because

Flopcast 497 Molly

Flopcast 497: Brat Pack FlopFight Part 1 – Bright Lights, Naked Klingons

Flopcast episode 497! Back in the 80s, whether you were hanging around St. Elmo’s Bar or stuck in Saturday detention with the Breakfast Club, you could not avoid the Brat Pack. Those crazy kids were running wild in Hollywood, breaking hearts, listening to Simple Minds, and starring in every single

Flopcast 489

Flopcast 489: I Want My Dolphin TV

Flopcast episode 489! Our ten-part celebration of the 80s concludes, just as the 80s did, with 1989. Top 40 radio was ruled by Milli Vanilli, the New Kids, and hair metal. It was a problem. But at least we had telepathic Australian dolphins, thanks to Kornflake’s favorite short-lived TV show, Dolphin

Flopcast 488 Qbert

Flopcast 488: DragonCon 2021 – Beware of Sleestak

Kevin and the Mayor of Chickentown are back from Atlanta with a full report on DragonCon, where they joined all the masked and vaccinated nerds for a long silly Labor Day weekend. They had a busy schedule of panels, presentations, and events, and our discussion includes: The Suicide Squad, Smallville, Doctor Who, Pennyworth, DragonCon

Flopcast 487 out of this world

Flopcast 487: 21 Flop Street

Our ten-part celebration of the 80s brings us back to 1987 this week. For most of us, 1987 means Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise… and that’s all. But the year had even more to offer, if you poke around enough. So first we take a quick look at

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