Thunder Talk Where comedy and commentary collide! Thunder Talk brings a unique variety show style twist to the fandom podcast genre. Beyond the geeky deep dives, we drop music from some of todays hottest up and coming artists, discuss topics of social and political relevance, and deliver our sideways take on the world at large. If stand-up comedy, NPR, the Millennium Falcon, and classic MTV had a baby, it would be Thunder Talk!

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THUNDER TALK Where comedy and commentary collide! Thunder Talk brings a unique variety show style twist to the fandom podcast genre. More than just a “nerd” show, we drop music from some of todays hottest up and coming artists, discuss topics of social and political relevance, and deliver our sideways take on the world at large. If stand-up comedy, NPR, and classic MTV had a baby, it would be Thunder Talk! Find us

    by The Weirdos Workshop on March 31, 2020 at 1:06 am

    00:00:22 Opening00:01:25 Social Thundering00:06:05 Ice Cream Trucks & Drive-Thru Booze00:11:22 WTLK - The Thunder00:16:43 When Is Stupidity a Crime?00:21:43 "The System" w/Missy "Scellon" Waters00:30:33 Lemonade from Lemons00:35:47 What's On Our Tube "Joker"00:45:55 Drones, Attack!00:53:04 Dan's Bad Advice Column01:00:49 Teleporters vs. Toilet Paper / Outro

    by The Weirdos Workshop on March 17, 2020 at 2:49 am

    00:00:22 Opening / SC ComiCon postponed00:01:41 Pandemic Blues00:11:25 We Finally let Adam Discuss Birds of Prey00:21:16 Fashion at the End of the World w/ Karol Bartoszynski00:31:32 The Good Doctor as Lando Martini - "St. Crispin's Day"00:40:47 Bottom of the Electronic Boogaloo Barrel00:55:42 WTLK - The Entertainment Apocalypse01:02:58 We're Still letting Adam Discuss Birds of Prey01:06:33 Outro / New Thunder Talk Promo World Premiere

  • Thunder Talk Issue 20/20 - THE (near) DEATH OF SUPERDAN
    by The Weirdos Workshop on March 9, 2020 at 9:42 am

    00:00:22 A Message From The Editor00:01:56 Remember Thunder Talk?00:13:57 For The Biscuit!00:26:57 Backdoor Pilot - Best Saturdays Of our Lives Podcast00:33:48 WTLK - The Thunder00:37:11 Classic Games & Corona Virus00:53:34 Outro

  • Thunder Talk - The TRON Holiday Special: LIVE!
    by The Weirdos Workshop on December 24, 2019 at 1:29 pm

    00:00:23 Whatever. Just hit record00:04:03 Intro00:04:56 LIVE 100:13:22 Christmas For Parents - You Win Some, Dan Loses Some00:28:39 LIVE 200:37:03 Our Best Gifts00:45:09 LIVE 300:56:27 Mark's Christmas Memory01:00:56 LIVE 401:04:20 LIVE Outro

  • Thunder Talk Issue 18 - 'Tis The Season For RETRO TOYS!!!
    by The Weirdos Workshop on December 23, 2019 at 7:47 pm

    00:02:32 Best Saturday Panel w/ Mark McCray00:04:37 Screaming Soup w/ Dan Fowler00:10:01 An Experts Take w/ Adam Throne00:14:45 What's On OurTube00:28:11 The South Carolina Ghostbusters w/ Jon Pridmore00:33:27 Bitter Banter00:36:46 Reflections - Take 1,2, and 300:48:32 Thunder Talk's Mightiest Avenger00:49:25 501st Carolina Garrison w/ Matthew Cohen00:51:51 "Pixel Dan" Celebrity YouTuber w/ Dan Eardley01:03:38 Cory and the Claw w/ Cory Owens01:11:42 Stream Talk01:25:27 WTLK The Thunder01:29:52 Amazing Collectibles w/ Sean Morse01:36:00 Borderlands Comics and Games w/ Robert Young01:40:31 Drunk Science01:52:54 Retro-Toy Con Director & Owner Toy Federation w/ Ryan Bonavia01:57:13 Best Retro-Toy Con Of our Lives w/ Mark McCray02:05:47 Outro

  • THUNDER TALK Issue 17 - Love And Thunder Talk, PERIODT!
    by The Weirdos Workshop on November 27, 2019 at 5:14 pm

    00:00:22 Homophobia ruins Halloween00:02:00 Foxy Tequila and Anchovies00:10:24 Was Ru Paul a Harlem Globetrotter? w/ Brandon Hilton00:20:51 What's on OurTube! - "Carnival Row"00:29:17 Studio D - Revelator "Crusaders" w/Jon Rasmussen00:40:22 White Claws OK, Boomer00:45:15 Mutli-Generational LGBTQ+ perspectives w/Brandon Hilton00:53:37 WTLK - The Thunder00:58:14 Boogy Down with B-Day McCray01:00:16 PERIODT! w/Brandon Hilton01:11:11 Bottom of the Barrell - "AMI"01:23:32 Outro

  • Thunder Talk - Halloween SpooK-Tacular & Onya's BOO Bash!
    by The Weirdos Workshop on October 28, 2019 at 11:59 pm

    00:01:31 TT Halloween SpooK-Tacular w/ Mark McCray00:11:50 Onya's Boo Bash w/ Brandon Hilton00:22:41 People Like Your Kids, But Not That Much00:27:19 The Howlin' Roosters "Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost"00:35:49 WTLK - The THUNDER0038:47 Halloween Tips & Tricks00:43:21 What's On Our Tube "Why Women Kill"00:53:41 Happy Birthday Kawika!00:59:23 What About the Children!?!01:03:03 Bad Advice Column01:36:33 Your Thunder Friends summon a demon! ..or do they?

  • THUNDER TALK - Episode XV: Return of the Unfocused
    by The Weirdos Workshop on October 18, 2019 at 12:53 pm

    00:00:21 HIJACKED!!00:02:38 Sassy Piano Men vs. Pervy X-Men00:13:21 Triple Force Forensics00:17:05 First she fought some Skeeters, Then she fought The Itch00:23:51 Black Luke00:27:23 Retro-Toy Con and PAX West00:31:04 The Howlin' Roosters "This Dive Bar"00:37:04 WTLK - THE THUNDER00:39:43 A Fault in our Star Wars00:47:01 We (heart) Kylo Ren!!00:49:50 Grant me the Serenity to Accept…00:54:28 What Games are you Playing?01:02:45 Outro

  • THUNDER TALK - DragonCon Debriefing, Cybertronic Spree, And The Howlin' Roosters
    by The Weirdos Workshop on September 30, 2019 at 7:51 pm

    00:01:29 DragonCon OMG!!!00:11:28 The Triumphant Return of Mark McCray w/ Tsire Divyn00:18:51 The Vendors Hall w/ Isaac Ray00:21:07 The Joystick Arcade w/ Brian Thompson00:26:25 A Brief History of Rankin/Bass00:31:13 Neon Dog Mommy Dance Party00:34:12 Nerdbliss In The HOUSE! w/ Chris, Tina, and Eric Jones00:38:56 Con Funk00:42:21 The Howlin' Roosters "She Left Town"00:54:09 Jerry Chandler, PWR, and the Loch Ness Horror01:01:10 Line Up!01:06:25 WTLK w/ Sexy Thor01:10:29 These Are The Con-Goers In Your Neighborhood01:24:14 Gotta Get Up To Get DOWN!!01:30:47 The Cybertronic Spree w/ Tara Newman01:46:32 Mark Trek VI: "Don’t Call Me Pepsi Generation" w/ Tsire Divyn01:54:15 Howdy Tiki Zombie! w/ Mike Gordon01:58:20 Best DragonCons of Our Lives w/ Mark McCray02:08:43 Best Watch That A$$ DragonCon 2020

  • THUNDER TALK - DragonCon Right & Wrong + Adult Swim's Mark McCray
    by The Weirdos Workshop on August 29, 2019 at 8:07 pm

    00:01:23 - DragonCon Here We Come!00:10:38 - Hydrate, Snack on, and Line Up00:16:50 - DragonCon Wrong w/ JT Wheatley00:20:45 - We're Charmed by Mark McCray00:29:06 - D*Con Scheduling00:32:21 - DragonCon Wrong 200:36:31 - What's On OurTube "The Boys"00:43:11 - D*Con Food and Etiquette00:48:29 - DragonCon Wrong 300:52:54 - Marvel Phase 4 pt. 400:57:08 - Studio D: Missy H2O Waters "Evolution"01:09:17 - D*Con Badge Secrets / Help!01:13:08 - DragonCon Wrong 401:17:15 - Star Mark McCray Trek01:23:21 - What's On OurTube "Russian Doll"01:28:36 - D*Con Hotlanta Heat /Art Show Auction / Electronics and Community01:32:27 - DragonCon Wrong 501:35:52 - WTLK01:40:11 - Mark McCray and D*Con Zeppelin Style01:51:38 - D*Con Talking to Celebrities? Be reasonable01:56:00 - DragonCon Wrong 601:59:15 - Happy Birthday Baby!!!02:01:51 - D23 Marvel Report02:07:20 - D*Con Scheduling w/ Mark McCray02:12:51 - D*Con Strike a Pose! Cospaly and Volunteers02:17:15 - DragonCon Wrong 702:21:33 - Dan's Bad Advice02:25:04 - DragonCon Here We Come Again! / Credits

  • THUNDER TALK ANNUAL ONE pt.1 - DragonCon and the ESO Network
    by The Weirdos Workshop on August 20, 2019 at 1:16 pm

    00:01:13 - ESO Network "The Adventure Begins!"00:09:34 - Phase 4 pt.100:21:31 - Where's My DragonCon Progress Report!00:31:23 - Avengers: Deleted Take #1 w/ JT Wheatley00:35:13 - Studio D w/ Bradley Palermo "Tombstones"00:45:57 - Cybertronic DragonCon00:58:19 - Phase 4 pt.201:03:09 - Beth & Kawika Sliding into DMs01:10:06 - Phase 4 pt.301:17:22 - WTLK w/ Sexy Thor01:20:25 - Dan's Bad Advice Column w/ Dreek01:28:34 - DragonCon: First Blood Part Two01:34:59 - Avengers: Deleted Take #201:44:05 - Thunder Talk Goes Commercial01:45:24 - Sexy Lives! / Outro

  • THUNDER TALK ISSUE #8 - WHERE'S MY HOVER CAR!?! New Year's re-edit
    by The Weirdos Workshop on August 1, 2019 at 9:18 am

    00:01:31 - Where’s My Hover car!?!00:07:11 - Truff Taste Test00:16:35 - New Years Resolutions00:24:24 - Toxic Masculinity00:38:23 - Bad Advice

  • THUNDER TALK ISSUE #11 -Report from Puerto Rico, New 007, etc..
    by The Weirdos Workshop on July 22, 2019 at 2:08 pm

    00:01:12 - Report from San Juan00:09:00 - Spoiler Etiquette00:21:23 - WTKL: Hell Freezes Over!00:33:26 - Studio D: Revelator's New EP & RAGE 00:47:17 - Puerto Rico: A Brief History00:59:10 - Let's Talk About Games, Baby!01:07:04 - New 00701:21:51 - ASMR w/ Beth & Kawika01:23:34 - UPDATE FROM SAN JUAN

  • THUNDER TALK ISSUE #10 - Spider Man: Into The BATVERSE
    by The Weirdos Workshop on July 10, 2019 at 2:16 am

    00:01:17 - Batman’s Villians are his Real Friends?00:14:30 - Spider Spoilers 100:27:27 – Earthquakes and Electronica in Studio D00:41:00 – WTLK00:43:24 – Spider Spoilers 200:49:25 – Bottom of the Barrel “Dudes & Dragons”00:58:21 – Batman Clones and Clown Love01:12:03 – Bad Advice Hawaiian Style

  • THUNDER TALK ISSUE #9 – unCONventional
    by Daniel Klink on July 1, 2019 at 5:40 pm

    00:01:32 – Treklanta00:13:07 – Convention Confessions00:28:15 – Thunder Sessions / Missy H2O Waters “Unexpectable”00:33:43 – Mötley Crüe and the Nancy Pelosi Thirst Trap00:42:48 – House Of Mann Fashion Show00:52:21 – WTLK with Sexy Thor00:56:49 – Beth and Kawika’s SoonerCon report01:03:00 – Pomp, Circumstance, and the Pepsi Generation01:10:05 – Dan’s Bad Advice Column