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Thunder TalkWhere comedy and commentary collide! Thunder Talk brings a unique variety show style twist to the fandom podcast genre. Beyond the geeky deep dives, we drop music from some of todays hottest up and coming artists, discuss topics of social and political relevance, and deliver our sideways take on the world at large. If stand-up comedy, NPR, the Millennium Falcon, and classic MTV had a baby, it would be Thunder Talk!

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THUNDER TALK Where comedy and commentary collide! Thunder Talk brings a unique variety show style twist to the fandom podcast genre. More than just a “nerd” show, we drop music from some of todays hottest up and coming artists, discuss topics of social and political relevance, and deliver our sideways take on the world at large. If stand-up comedy, NPR, and classic MTV had a baby, it would be Thunder Talk! Find us

  • Ginew Benton ⚡ Jazz at the Speed of Light
    by The Weirdos Workshop on April 12, 2022 at 5:16 am

    00:00:22 UW Barton 03701, item 100:02:02 Ginew Benton Pt.100:13:17 Byron Pope  “No Boundaries”00:18:56 Thunder Dabs: Round 300:27:00 Ginew Benton Pt.200:37:26 What's On OurTube “The Righteous Gemstones”00:50:45 Ginew Benton Pt.301:01:02 Thunder Dabs MEGADEATH01:06:28 😘01:09:15 Ordinary World

  • Neurodiversity Rocks ⚡ Best Saturdays Vol.2: Ewoks & Droids
    by The Weirdos Workshop on March 26, 2022 at 3:37 pm

    00:00:22 Nosotras somos las e Ewoks!00:01:53 New From Kenner00:05:08 Live By The Toys, Die By The Toys00:12:06 Life Insurance00:16:53 Ewok D**k Fingers00:25:57 Thunder Dabs: Round 1 pt.100:32:57 All About the Intro00:38:41 Sounds Like a Star War00:47:50 Antitypical00:53:48 "No Shame"00:56:45 WTLK – The Thunder01:04:36 We S**t In Our Pizzas01:12:57 Thunder Dabs: Round 1 pt.201:15:12 Best Crossover of Our Lives01:23:55 Gross!

  • Troy Bernier & Koichi Noguchi ⚡ KAIJU DECODE
    by The Weirdos Workshop on March 18, 2022 at 1:54 am

    Three Months! It's been three months since the space pirate barge Thunder Talk was last heard from. Sailing the stars in search of freedom and flying under the ESO Network's banner, our lovable rogues fell perilously into a black hole.  Thunder Talk was believed lost with all hands until Troy Bernier, Director of the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival and Hero of Robotalk, sailed our podcast into calmer space-waters by editing, producing, and staring in this very special episode. Then he sat down with Koichi Noguchi of Toei Animation and producer of the film "KAIJU DECODE". One of the many amazing entries in this years festival. In the disaster known as “Skyfall”, an orbiting space colony is destroyed and falls to Earth. Due to genetic mutation, monsters begin to inhabit the crater made by the fallen colony. Not knowing anything, Ray arrives at the location as an avatar. We'll be back to our regular space shenanigans next week. For now we'd like to thank our dear friend Troy Bernier for taking the wheel. You can catch him, "KAIJU DECODE", and an entire galaxies worth of top shelf Scifi at the International Science Fiction Film Festival this weekend March 19th & 20th.

  • Bradley Palermo & The Shadow Queens ⚡ A THUNDER TALK Christmas Event
    by The Weirdos Workshop on December 25, 2021 at 12:17 am

    Welcome to another Sorta-Christmas Special where we sorta talk about the holidays! We open these folk-punk festivities bearing gifts. Otherwise BYOB + $5 at the door.  Our first gift doesn’t need a special occasion to be a special occasion. Bradley Palermo returns to Thunder Talk, this time backed by The Shadow Queens! Brian Barclay, Alex Palermo and Matt Gonzalez have come to help make some of the darkest days of the year a whole lot darker with "Krampus"! IN TONY MONTANA'S VOICE: "First you get the Dilithium, then you get the Warp Core, then you get a sexual quid pro quo between Riker and Frasier's wife." As a holiday gift to our fans we're debuting the first segment off our upcoming, brutally Rated R Star Trek Podcast for the true Trek Junk Junkies - "Trek Marks".  Now if you go look in your stockings… Mark and Beth talk television formatting both past and present, Wheatley and Anthony pick apart the finer points of the Prime Directive, Sexy Thor beats out Paul Rudd as the Sexiest Man Alive in the Nine Realms, plusKawika sticks it to the colonizers while Cis white boy Dan Klink expresses his boredom with cis white boys, especially himself. OH, and you know, Christmas!  00:00:22 Mario Kart: Tokyo Drift00:02:21 Merry Markmas00:03:04 Two Hundred Year Blood War00:04:20 And A Joyous Toyotathon To You00:07:31 Wheatley's Waterbed 00:08:30 Boujee Thor00:14:51 NX-Tony Montana00:21:47 Bradley Palermo & The Shadow Queens00:36:01 "Krampus"00:38:11 The Price Is Alright00:47:45 The Price Isn't Wrong00:50:28 Jeffery's A Movie Star00:59:12 We Want The Land Back!01:03:24 Ring-A-Ding Thunder01:08:16 Brian's Cut TOTAL RUNTIME: 01:09:02 #bradleypalermo, #bradleypalermoandtheshadowqueens, #krampus, #ringofthunder #sexythorforthunderdome #sexyforuudd #sexythorforuudd, #thebestsaturdaysofourlives #thundertalk #historyofcomicbookspodcast #nopelahoma #bethielala #ringofthunder #sexythorforthunderdome #sexyforuudd #sexythorforuudd #tbsool #thebestsaturdaysofourlivespodcast #markmccray  Bradley Palermo & The Shadow QueensStream “Krampus” by Bradley Palermo & The Shadow Queens on the platform of your choosing: Twitter: Palermo on IG: Shadow Queens on IG: released November 26, 2021 Bradley Palermo: vocals / guitar / sleigh bellsAlex Palermo: bassBrian Barclay: guitar / keys / programing  TypesetterBandcamp - Cheap Seats Bradley Palermo appears curtesy of Black Hearts & Pink Parts music The ESO Network @#esonetwork  Thunder Talk Social Media: @thundertalkpod JOIN THE THUNDER FAITHFUL @ Emaill  #thundertalk  Mark McCray - The Best Saturdays of Our Facebook: @tbsool ~ @tbsoolpInstagram: @MarkMcTBSOOL ~ @best_saturdays_of_our_livesTwitter: @ #tbsool #thebestsaturdaysofourlives #thebestsaturdaysofourlivespodcast #markmccray  Beth Ah Lo - Twitch Channel @bethielalaTwitter: @nopelahoma#nopelahoma #bethielala Adam Whetston - The Ring of Thunder Podcast @thundertalkthorInstagram: @thundertalkthorTwitter: @thundertalkthor Johnathan Wheatley - History of Comic Books @johnathonw ~ @historyofcomicInstagram: @hoppynsv ~ @history_of_comic_books_podcastTwitter: @HIstoryofComic#historyofcomicbookspodcast Kawika Ah Lo - aka "The Muscle"Facebook: @ktseaInstagram: @kawika_ahloTwitter: @ktsearambleson Dan Klink - aka "Kawika Variant"Facebook: @Dan.M.KlinkInstagram: @dan_klinkTwitter: @TheRealDanKlink Anthoney Arbizo@tony_in_the_zoney CMD: Riker - Show DogTic Tok: #rikerthebrittanyInstagram: @rikerandfam#Rikerthebrittany

  • ROBOTALK ⚡ A Thunder Talk Special Event
    by The Weirdos Workshop on December 8, 2021 at 10:54 pm

    00:00:23 Zentradi Death! Brought to you by Budweiser00:02:22 Who's Robotech is it Anyway?(It's You)00:10:01 Miami Sci-Fi Special Guest Announcement!00:14:08 It's a Super Dimension Trap!00:22:05 Ghostbusters: Nostalgialife00:28:29 Uh… Robotech's on the Phone00:34:14 Roll the Dice 00:39:20 End of the Circle00:43:16 Simone Weber pt. 100:59:46 "Look Up, The Sky Is Falling"01:04:55 Plus Macross01:09:40 Look Who's Thunder Talking(Do You Remember Love?)01:13:17 The Best Theme Songs of Our Lives (ep#36 excerpt)01:19:11 Scenes From the Nyan Nyan Restaurant 101:23:41 Simone Weber pt.201:31:52 "We Will Win"01:36:25 Scenes From the Nyan Nyan Restaurant 2(My Time to be a Star)01:40:52 Why Would You Miss It?01:47:24 Happy Birthday!01:54:18  I'm Dan

  • Adult Swim's Ned Hastings Vol.2 ⚡ Antitypical
    by The Weirdos Workshop on November 25, 2021 at 12:25 am

    00:00:22 This is Mark McCray Signing off00:02:09 Drama De Bunda00:04:25 Aqua Teen Thunder Force00:08:50 Eternally Critical00:16:41 Batman vs. Iron Man00:18:33 Kahlúa Batch'n Season00:28:05 Super Absent Dad00:35:03 Antitypical00:48:28 "Quantum Addiction"00:52:58 October Christmas Miracle in November01:03:03 Whiskey Sweats & Bootlegged Supergirls01:09:20 E-E-E-E-Ewoks01:21:49 If you Read the Show Notes you'll know there's a Jump Scare Coming in 3 Seconds01:21:52 Super Wink01:27:04 Baron Kawika Harkonnen01:30:27 Star Trek: Imbecile01:37:27 Stone Cold Ahsoka Tano01:44:48 "Beth Knows Best" DJ Transporter Accident Remix

  • HALLOWEENTALK + SC Comicon Jr. & Brandon Hilton
    by The Weirdos Workshop on October 31, 2021 at 7:50 pm

    00:00:22 World War Mom Jeans00:02:09 A Cornucopia of Friends00:06:31 "Take Dan's Job" Contest*00:11:06 Mike Gordon Interview00:20:44 Human Danipede00:28:10 Brandon Hilton REBORN00:29:58 "One"00:35:29 G4 Relaunch00:43:25 Mike & Judy Faber00:50:19 Dawson's Trek01:03:12 Mark on Turner Classic Movies01:16:12 The Kawikanator01:18:30 WTLK - The Thunder01:25:51 Not Funny01:32:35 Disco Inferno & The Nitro Girls01:44:50 He Who Controls The Spice, Controls Sexy Thor01:59:32 Messy, But Gets The Job Done02:02:50 K-T-S-E-A RAMBLES ON02:05:34 *Contest Rules

  • The 2021 DRAGON⚡CON Post-Game Show!
    by The Weirdos Workshop on September 17, 2021 at 3:28 am

    00:01:07 Come On Up00:04:02 Enemy Mine00:07:28 Bustin' Chops00:08:28 Welcome Home00:10:24 Thunder Books00:21:45 Enemy Line00:28:55 It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint00:34:14 TAS Panel00:41:45 A Tapestry of Words00:46:26 The Best of Dragon-Con00:52:46 Discovery00:100:45 A Safe Place01:13:20 Warm Nerd Blanket01:28:55 Juan Antonio Samaranch

  • The 2021 DRAGON⚡CON Pre-Game Show!
    by The Weirdos Workshop on August 31, 2021 at 5:59 am

    00:00:32 For The Fans, By The Fans00:07:24 Get You Ass to Mars00:12:21 TAG!00:21:47 Cleo's Back!00:28:23 Dragon Con TV00:31:38 Star Trek Track00:36:25 Beef Jerky & Scotch00:40:33 Dragon Con After Dark00:43:27 Cleo in Furs00:52:33 Pace Yourself00:57:56 Anthony & Louise01:04:35 2 Weeks Out

  • Ring Of Thunder Talk ⚡ Shift Into TURBO!
    by The Weirdos Workshop on July 21, 2021 at 4:39 pm

    00:00:22 l'chaim00:02:21 Hard Times, Baby00:09:31 Missiletits00:14:49 Darker Side of the Brady Bunch 100:21:15 Copyright Infringement 252500:23:37 Pre-Wrestling Turbo00:28:40 00-00-00 Pony Pillows and The 1st Amendment00:33:55 Solicitations Welcomed00:41:25 #cleopatra202100:48:13 Let Xena Be a Lesbian!00:52:47 Shift Into Turbo!00:59:29 Darker Side of the Brady Bunch 201:38:39 Join The Thunder Faithfull01:12:21 Subliminally Sexy

  • PODCAST: The Podcast
    by The Weirdos Workshop on July 8, 2021 at 9:49 pm

    00:01:29 PODCAST: The Podcast00:07:42 WTLK: The THUNDER00:10:46 WTF Groot?00:18:13 Oak Top Interview00:24:17  "Tongues Of Lonesomeness"00:28:22 ThunderCon: Tattoos For Kids, By Kids 00:36:23 Best Saturdays After Dark: Outtakes00:41:58 Angels of the Metro00:55:05 WTLK… AGAIN01:08:20 Hot Thor Summer Kia Summer Sales Event!01:12:56 What's On OurTube: Final Space01:26:35 The Borg ♥ David Bowie01:32:19 A Love Letter to the Editor

  • Thunder Talk - USE YOUR DELUSION II
    by The Weirdos Workshop on June 1, 2021 at 11:53 pm

    Welcome to "Use Your Delusion II"! On side three and four Melissa, Adam and Dan continue our look back at the friends we made and amazing time we had during South Carolina's premier fan fest, SC Comicon, while turning an optimistic eye to the future of fandom conventions. Dirt Reynolds & Davey "The Good Doctor" Adams, Gun 'Em Down with a dose of "Cokewolf" while our resident Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise (Beth & Kawika) discuss a very different Cannonball Run. We head Down Underneath the Aussie / Kiwi divide with JT Wheatley, Mark and the gang dish about our exclusive inside info on Avatar 3, and Anthony leads a valiant effort to salvage Lightning Lad's receding hairline. Plus Sexy Thor hosts a very touching and personal edition of WTLK: The Thunder. Lightning Lad! Stop deluding yourself and except the fact that this is a podcast, not KROQ, and just start the damn show.#sexythorforthunderdome#sexyforuudd#sexythorforuudd #sccomicon The ESO Network #esonetwork  Davey Adams / Neotropolis South Carolina Ecto 1Facebook & Instagram: @TheSouthCarolinaEcto1 ArteliesFacebook: @arteliesInstagram: @kreepifulartelies Wanda, Agatha and PietroTiktok: thetewtwin  /  hope2cosplayInstagram: hopetwocosplay Mark McCray The Best Saturdays Of Our Lives The Best Saturdays of Our Lives Podcast @MarkMcTBSOOL Instagram: Facebook: #tbsool  Beth Ah Adam WhetstonThe Ring of Thunder Podcast, Twitter, and Facebook @thundertalkthor Kawika Ah Johnathan Wheatley out History of Comic Books Podcast (@HIstoryofComic):  Melissa KlinkFacebook: Anthony Arbizo Dan Klink Instagram: The Good Doctor and Gun 'Em Down appear courtesy of their damn selves. 

  • Thunder Talk - USE YOUR DELUSION I
    by The Weirdos Workshop on June 1, 2021 at 11:42 pm

    BKAMD TT 4000:00:22 Sexy Don't Need Your Civil War00:01:58 Kawika Unit Alpha-100:10:10 No Jackets Required 00:11:50 SC Comicon Day 1  00:12:26 Sexy's Back!00:13:31 All About The Kids00:16:14 Pencil Portraits By Mel Rivera00:18:57 CMD Riker00:28:38 Melissa Klink On The Spot00:29:03 Zenjumps Chainmaille 00:31:19 Scellon "Made Men" 00:37:17 Cleopatra 2525 00:43:35 The Low Cost of High Living 00:51:28 Free Perspective 00:53:42 Rumble and Roar Wandmakers 00:58:07 The Death of Wheatley Corleone 01:04:42 It's NOT All About the Dudes 01:08:34 WTLK: The Thunder 01:15:29 Nocturnal Transmissions 01:19:25 Plaguing Dr. Brock01:20:59 Coming Home to SC Comicon 01:24:22 It's Beth's Fault 01:30:15 Grandma Got Runover By Kawika

    by The Weirdos Workshop on April 18, 2021 at 3:56 am

    00:02:20 8/3/2020 Interview One00:12:05 "Alone Again"00:15:49 12/22/2020 Interview Two00:27:57 "The Crows Know"

    by The Weirdos Workshop on March 1, 2021 at 5:45 pm

    00:01:00 Sexy Thor - "Roll The Thunder"00:01:43 Beth & Kawika Ah Lo - "Regarding Riker"00:05:58 Troy Bernier - BREAKING NEWS!00:09:57 Razan Takash - "M1das"00:19:23 Ren Chao Wang - "Deep In"00:25:23 Tyler Council - "Scarspace"00:31:19 Jonathan Wheatley - "Earth Station One"00:32:44 Diego Rossi - "The Orca"00:36:49 Samantha Brennan - "Double"00:40:12 TL Westgate - "Heritage"00:44:40 Ring Of Thunder - "RoT"00:45:11 The Best Saturdays of Our Lives Podcast - "Sci-Fi Where You Least Expect It"00:47:50 Ginew Benton - "Looking Glass"00:58:36 Randy Slavin - "Project-19"01:02:51 Heather Halstead - "Failure to Yield"01:07:11 Anthony Arbizo - "A Game of Armored Combat"01:09:05 Damien Donnelly - "Homo Sapiens in Space" & "Space Rocks"01:16:55 Marcus Hanisch - "Q: GHOSTLY REMOTE EFFECT"01:22:49 Hal Schneider - "Broodmother"01:25:29 A History of Comic Books - "Issue #38"01:28:19 Jim Eaves - "You Might Get Lost"01:38:12 Mark Lombard - "Democrasaurus Rex"01:41:26 Mark McCray - "A History of Star Trek the Animated Series"01:45:39 Edward Douglas - "SWIPED"01:50:52 Troy Bernier - "Listen to the Scientists"01:55:07 Adam Whetston - "WTLK - The Thunder"02:02:17 Justin Snikkar aka Dr Snik - "MACHINE"02:05:32 Joshua van't Hoff - "The Path of the Grays"02:11:57 Troy Bernier - "Persistent" 02:13:07 Stephanie Diane Ford - "The Black Baptism"02:22:59 Dan Klink - "1000 Yard Stare" 02:29:09 CREDITS - YES, YOUR NAME IS IN THERE!02:30:24 POST TOAST

    by The Weirdos Workshop on February 17, 2021 at 3:26 am

    00:01:12 Natural Bleach Blond00:12:01 Welcome Beth & Kawika00:19:53 Crisis on Infinite Wonder Womans00:26:34 Feeling RAW00:34:49 Hell To Pay00:46:32 What's On OurTube Classic - Yuri on Ice00:54:11 This Debacle01:08:00 "Whiskey Works"01:11:38 10 Out Of 10 Would Bang01:19:59 The Animated Origins of Comic Characters01:26:20 Bear Cares01:28:59 OH YEAH!!!01:40:36 HOW TO TALK TO YOUR FRIEND ABOUT PODCASTING01:45:43 Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

  • Thunder Talk Issue 36 - A History of…
    by The Weirdos Workshop on February 3, 2021 at 5:52 pm

    00:01:13 The Mayor of San Jacinto 00:18:39 A History of Comic Book Adds00:26:19 Boogie Nights00:32:48 Trees on the Cheap00:36:14 Vitamin C00:41:42 Wilt Chamberlain & The Ghost Chasers00:43:46 A History of Cut Toys00:48:47 WTLK - The Thunder00:59:30 Like a Likeness Thing *WHATS ON OUR TUBE01:08:29 A History X-Ray Specs01:14:39 The Great Kazoo01:19:05 Post Credit Thunder - DOUBLE TLK

  • Thunder Talk - Not The Holiday Special
    by The Weirdos Workshop on December 23, 2020 at 2:27 am

    00:01:10 It's So Good00:02:19 Lost00:11:45 It's Lord of the Flies, Charlie Brown!00:20:28 Duane Mark - "The Crows Know"00:37:09 Not the Holiday Special00:49:15 Children of Kawika00:56:05 Black Market Hijack01:00:43 Solo Side Project - "HLY CRP ITS XMS"01:02:42 What's on OurTube: UNPLUGGED "Fantasy Island"01:13:44 Instawheatley

    by The Weirdos Workshop on November 18, 2020 at 9:03 pm

    00:00:23 Hail to the Thunder00:01:35 Land Doesn't Vote00:10:46 Goonswarm On The Ropes?00:16:44 WandaComics00:20:59 Demographics00:31:57 Solo Side Project "The Winds of a Storm"00:42:14 PSL Josh Groban00:46:33 Covers Uncovered00:52:35 Fraud01:00:25 What's on OurTube "Warrior Nun"01:13:35 Gentle Burger Kisses01:14:47 Tossed in the Sauce0118:39 WTLK - The Thunder01:32:25 We're Not Talking About Discovery. I Love the Show. In Fact, It's My Favorite of the Current CBS Offerings. I'm Just Ready For Bed and Think We Should Wrap This Up.01:41:52 Saucy Boy

  • THUNDER TALK Issue 33 - Night of the Living Glamour Zombie
    by The Weirdos Workshop on November 1, 2020 at 4:48 am

    00:00:28 We Don't Need No Stink'n Badges00:14:00 Happy Covidween!00:23:36 Melissa vs. Zombies00:34:00 Lesbian Nails00:42:03 Brandon Hilton "Glamour Zombie"00:59:53 Fun Sized01:05:35 George A Romero01:10:09 King of the Wild Frontier01:21:32 Jesus Would Love Holloween01:31:02 Day of the Dead01:39:03 Thunder Capa Thunder01:46:32 1989 of the Living Dead01:51:45 Dead at 27 Tacos02:02:13 Transubstantiation02:11:48 JT Bobble Head

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