The Cigar NerdsThe Cigar Nerds Podcast Episode 30: Poltergeists. This week our nerds rise from the grave for another Halloween special. We talk about our favorite ghost movies and compare the original Poltergeist to the remake. Later we talk about real hauntings with Ed Laughlin of Ghosts of Georgia Paranormal Investigation. We review the new La Palina Red Label and Terrapin’s Walking Dead IPA. In science we discuss water on Mars, robotic skin, and alien stars. In Nerd News we talk Godzilla vs King Kong and the start of the fall TV season.

La Palina
Poltergeist 2015
Amityville Horror
The Grudge
Ghosts of Georgia
Terrapin Walking Dead
Water on Mars
Robo Skin
Thor’s Hammer
Alien world
Godzilla Vs King Kong
Jessica Jones
Star Wars
Hulk Buster