The City of Tomorrow

In this episode, Doctor Geek and Mister Flask discuss the City of Tomorrow, and how their talents can add to the project.  But what makes a City of Tomorrow? Is it simply modern architecture where everyone is living in the clouds or under the sea?  No, it is more than

Season 3 Episode 1 – New Horizons

Creating the City of Tomorrow is no simple task. Normally this is where we would begin a discussion of new urbanism, and the process of developing a community for the 21st century, but that would be skipping over the inspirations behind such projects. Therefore, as we begin our investigation into

Doctor Geek’s Laboratory Season 3 Begins

This is no April Fools! Doctor Geek’s Laboratory of Applied Geekdom is back!
In this episode we pay tribute to NASA legend Katherine Johnson. Truly if anyone could help fix DEUS-X and Madame Oracle it was her.

Doctor Geeks Lab

Doctor Geek’s Moment of Science – Starman

Did you know a Tesla Roadster was sent into space? It’s true, that happened.  There must be a few Heavy Metal fans over at Space X.  We are thrilled by this achievement, and as Claire says in our new moment of science, Doctor Geek should not feel bad, even if

Director’s Log Episode 5 – DEUS Interrupted

Doctor Geek and friends have sure been in those time loops for quite a while, but the good news is there is light at the end of this complicated plot.  To sum up, so far Mister Creature has been saved and will forever be apart of the Laboratory, and Star

Episode 15” (S2E9”) -Differences Made Indeed

In this episode we celebrate the life of Sacha Alexander Dzuba, The First Mister Creature.  He made our first season very special, and his contributions and support continued to be felt even after the character regenerated.  Sacha was the perfect example of how a single person can make a difference.

Episode 15 Prime – Star Trek Anniversary

With all the focus on time loops, is it possible that Doctor Geek and friends missed Star Trek’s Anniversary? Fear not!  Thanks to a little time travel, Future Mister Flask comes to the rescue.  Together with Future Geek our Doctor Geek gets to celebration the anniversary while the rest of

Director’s Log Episode 4 – Into the Dream

Our latest episode is now available.  After one too many time loops, Claire is able to get Doctor Geek and his team on track to save Agent Zed.  But how will Mister Flask’s away team react when dreams come true?

Shall We Play A Game?

Who is up for a game? This Dragon Con Scott and Debbie Viguie (Doctor Geek and Claire) have decided to have fun. Every so often we’ll Tweet out our location and a code word. The first person to find us at that location and give us the code word will

Doctor Geek’s Science Fair at Celebration FL

Doctor Geek’s Science Fair has regenerated but don’t worry the moment has been prepared for.  On July 30th 2016 from 1-5pm Dr. Scott Viguie and NYT Best Selling Author Debbie Viguie (Doctor Geek and Claire of the science fiction audio show Doctor Geek’s Laboratory of Applied Geekdom) will be coming

Director’s Log Episode 3 Planet of the Bunnies

Doctor Geek’s busy day is made more complex by the revelation that somehow Professor Pedantic changed the past and now the Earth is The Planet of the Bunnies!  How can Doctor Geek restore our Earth without dooming all the Bunnisapiens?

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