Cosmic Pizza

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 23 – Famous People Confusion

Have you ever looked at an actor on TV or in a film and thought, “Weren’t they in…” only to find it was someone similar?Today Shawn, Dan and Paul talk about famous people that they get confused between.Shawn also tells about the day he was told he looked like someone

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Extra Toppings – Episode 6 Moments of Dough!

In this episode of the Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Extra Toppings, Dan brings you, Moments of DOUGH!Or to put it another way events that didn’t quite go to plan, or even did go to plan, but it was the wrong plan.Things like the Evergiven cargo ship that wedged itself across the

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 22 – All thing Muppets

Today the Pizza deliverers are joined buy the co-host of A play on Nerds, MuppetTrek, Sappy Crap, Real Opposition podcasts and good friend of the show Steve Bauman.Steve is our go to muppet expert and he brought a potted history of all things Muppets as well as a short quiz

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Extra Toppings Episode 5 – All Things Superman

In this episode of the Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Extra Toppings, Shawn bring you all things Superman. Up, Up and Away!!How many actors do you know that have played the part?Which one is your favourite?When did it all start? Will Shawn remember to mention the other podcasts he hosts?All these questions

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 21 – Captains It’s a Knockout

Who is your favourite captain. It could be a captain of a spaceship, a captain of a ship, real captain’s, fictional captains.We all have our favourites but who would be the best.There’s only one way to find out… FIIIIGGGHHHTTT!!In this episode we have Round One of a new competition. Captains

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 20 – An Interview with Mark Bowsher

In todays Episode Dan introduces his old friend Mark Bowsher the multi talented producer, director, author and podcaster. He regales us with some amusing stories about his early life with Dan and tells us about his production company Rabbit Island Productions. Mark also tells us about his work on HistoryHit

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Extra Toppings Ep3 – Perseverance lands on Mars

In this episode of the Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Extra Toppings, it’s Dan from the Temporal Trek Podcast bringing you news of Nasa’s Perseverance robot that has just landed on Mars. It’s mission is to seek out signs of ancient life and collect samples of rock and soil for possible return

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Extra Toppings: Episode 2 – Christopher Plummer

In this episode of the Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Extra Toppings, Shawn pays tribute to Canadian actor, Christopher Plummer, who sadly passed away on 5th February 2021 at the age of 91. Title music by: Letter Box

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 18 – Our Anti Bucket Lists

We all have a bucket list right! Things you want to do before you die?But what about all the things you do not want to do at all.In this episode we Shawn, Paul and Dan discuss their Anti Bucket lists.Here is a list of the things they will not do

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Extra Toppings Ep1 – Mira Furlan

The Cosmic Pizza Podcast expands its podcast to include Extra Toppings.Join us for our first minisode as we pay tribute to the actress Mira Furlan best known for Babylon 5 and Lost, who passed away on January 20th. Title music by: Letter Box

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