Van Allen Plexico

Napoleon Movie Review - Earth Station One Ep 736

Napoleon Movie Review

Join the Earth Station One Podcast team as they embark on a cinematic journey through time with their latest episode featuring an in-depth review of the classic film ‘Napoleon.’ Delving into the iconic movie, the hosts provide insightful commentary on its historical significance, and innovative cinematic techniques. Alan J Porter

Validus-V Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘Validus-V’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

VALIDUS-VBy Van Allen PlexicoWhite Rocket Books253 pgs Giant robots battling each other and horrific giant monsters. Ah, the stuff of Japanese movies and American comics. And now a wonderful, action-packed novel by veteran sci-fi and pulp writer, Van Allen Plexico. This one truly has it all and this reviewer was

Miami Heist Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘Miami Heist’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

MIAMI HEISTBy Van Allen PlexicoWhite Rocket Books230 pgs Two years ago, Pulp Factory Award winning sci-fi writer, Van Plexico turned his considerable writing skills to produce a crime thriller. It was called “Vegas Heist” and went on to win his second Best Novel Pulp Factory Award, making him the only

Earth Station One Ep 562

The Earth Station One Podcast – ESO Book Club: Ready Player Two

After nearly a decade, the ESO Book Crew once again log in to the OASIS, The High Five of gunters Mike, Mike, Kirby Bartlett-Sloan, Van Allen Plexico, and James Palmer play through the follow-up quest developed by Ernest Cline. Plus, actor Wil Wilson gets no Second Chances when he faces

Kariyne Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘Karilyne’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

KARILYNE Heart Cold As Ice By Van Allen Plexico White Rocket Books 333 pgs. Hell hath no fury like an Ice Goddess tricked. Here’s hoping you’ll forgive my twising the Bard’s famous phrase to kick off this review of Van Allen Plexico’s latest entry in his grand space saga. Karilyne

Vegas Heighs Book Reivew By Ron Fortier

‘Vegas Heist’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

VEGAS HEIST By Van Allen Plexico White Rocket Books 231 pgs Some books seem to fly through your hands; they being that much fun to read. Such is the case with Van Plexico’s new offering, “Vegas Heist.” A serious change of course for a writer best known for sci-fi and

Earth Station One Podcast Ep 415 - Ready Player One Movie Review

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 415 – Ready Player One Movie Review

Once again, the ESO crew escapes to the OASIS. A couple of months ago, we reviewed the Ernest Cline novel. Now Mike, Mike, Ashley, Alex, and author Van Allen Plexico take a look at the Steven Spielberg adaptation. Plus, Khan Reports from Felicity Kusinitz and Matthew Kresal, Angela’s Geek Girl’s

SENTINELS 9 : VENDETTA - Book Review By Ron Fortier

Sentinels 9: Vendetta – A Book Review By Ron Fortier

SENTINELS 9 : VENDETTA By Van Allen Plexico White Rocket Books 290 pages More years ago than we care to remember, a budding new pulp writer sent us a book called “When Strikes The Warlord.” It was a prose superhero adventure featuring a team called the Sentinels and clearly inspired

“BANARAK – Storming the Gates” Book Review By Ron Fortier

BANARAK – Storming the Gates By Van Allen Plexico White Rocket Books and 243 pages This is as yet another action packed adventure taking place in the fictional sci-fi mythology created by Van Allen Plexico call The Shattering. In this mythos, mankind exists in a universe made up of three

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 280 – The Films of Pixar

Twenty years ago this year, a little studio made a big impact with its first feature film. Mike, Mike, Alex Autrey, and John McCarthy discuss the works of PIXAR, a company that continues to reach for the sky to infinity and beyond. We also chat with the newest members of

Now Available ‘Earth Station One Tales of the Station’

Now Available through the ESO store, get your copy now. If your going to be at Dragon Con all the authors will be available to autograph it for you Sunday at 2:30pm in the Marriott in the International Hall South. New Legend Productions is proud to publish Earth Station

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