Pulp Review

Black Stiletto Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘The Black Stiletto – Black & White’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

THE BLACK STILETTO – Black & White By Raymond Benson Oceanview Publishing 309 pgs In the first book of this series, a divorced unemployed accountant named Martin Talbot uncovered a startling secret upon opening the contents of his mother’s effects. In the 1950s and 60s, his mother, then Judy Cooper,

Black Bart Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘The Ballad of Black Bart’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

THE BALLAD OF BLACK BART By Loren D. Estleman Forge Books 231 pgs This being a fictionalized tale based on historical personages by one of the most enjoyable writers in the western field. But before launching into the review, let me confess that Mr. Estleman is one of those treasures

Beware the Horned Monsters Review By Ron Fortier

‘Mystery of the Horned Monster’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

MYSTERY OF THE HORNED MONSTER A Hollywood Cowboy Detectives Mystery By Darryle Purcell A Buckskins Edition Western If you are a devoted movie buff who knows William Pratt was Boris Karloff’s real name and Bela Lugois was originally Bela Blasko then you most likely will know in which Republic Serial

Murder In the Miracle Room Book Reivew

‘Murder In The Miracle Room’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

MURDER IN THE MIRACLE ROOM By Micah S. Harris Minor Profit Press 256 pgs Young April Gurley was a typical Southern young lady living in Tar Forks, North Carolina when she developed the stigmata; the bleeding of her palms resembling the wounds of the crucified Jesus. The news of this

Rough Riders

‘Rough Riders’ A Pulp Review By Ron Foriter

ROUGH RIDERS A Graphic Novel By Adam Glass – Writer Patrick Olliffe – Artist A Graphic Novel Gabe Eltaeb – Colorist Sal Cipriano – Letterer Mike Harris – Editor Collects the first 7 issue of regular series. It has been a while since my subject was a graphic novel and

RV Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘RV’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

RV By Keith Suek Self-published 244 pgs. Being a book reviewer can at times be a maddening challenge with absolutely no rhyme or reason. Keith Suek, who hails from Wyoming, sent us his book, RV, after meeting us at a comic convention in Cheyenne. In the accompanying letter, he mentioned

Cena Amena Book Review By Ron Fortier

Ceara Amena Book Review By Ron Fortier

CEARA AMENA Warrior of the Qumran Desert By Jamie Evans Pulpsmack Publishing 88 pages For the past several years, writer Jamie Evans has been writing and publishing his own fiction in small chapbooks. Released in 2015, this one clearly had no real editing. What appears on the pages is often

The Guns Above Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘The Guns Above’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

THE GUNS ABOVE By Robyn Bennis Tor Books 351 pages We love this book! The reasons for this overwhelming reaction are many and we’ll happily elaborate for your edification. Years ago, while still in high school, we discovered the works of British writer C.S. Forster and his clever navel hero,

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