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More Hair Naturally with Mahryah Shain

More Hair Naturally with Mahryah Shain – Soul Forge 302

More Hair Naturally with Mahryah Shain! Actor Mahryah Shain drops by the Soul Forge to have a chat about a few things. What are we talking about on this episode? In addition to his company More Hair Naturally, we discuss Disney theme parks, Hot Wheels, toys and mental health. But

Cigar Nerds Podcast: Demolition Time

Cigar Nerds Podcast: Demolition Time. What’s your bogle citizen? This week we inspire Joy Joy feelings by talking about thirty years of Demolition Man. When the future is in trouble you need an old school action hero. In Science we talk to Europa Clipper Dep Science Manager Trina Ray. In

Bride Of The Monster | Episode 378

Madeline Brumby and Shane Morton join Jim for a rollicking discussion of the Edward D. Wood Jr. cult classic “Bride Of The Monster,” starring Bela Lugosi, Tony McCoy, Loretta King, Tor Johnson, Harvey B Dunn, Don Nagle, Dolores Fuller and Billy Bendict. Lugosi plays a mad scientist seeking to create

Flopcast 594 DragonCon Twilek waitresses

Flopcast 594: Dragon Con Review Part 3 – Gorilla Noises

Flopcast episode 594! Okay, let’s wrap up our coverage of Dragon Con 2023! (Because come on, if this recap goes on much longer, we’ll have to include Dragon Con 2024…) Kevin and the Mayor of Chickentown (reporting from Maine in the middle of a hurricane) are here to run through

The SAG and WGA Strikes: 3FS On Leave

Thank you, ESO Network, for the warm welcome! You’ve caught us right as we have upended our regularly scheduled wormhole show programming, but we’ve got some fun stuff for you! In the meantime, check back in our previous episodes for some episode commentary and interviews! So, it’s happened. The SAG

Our First Disney Vacation

Our First Disney Vacation – Soul Forge Podcast 301

Our first Disney vacation is in the books! This episode of the Soul Forge is a day by day recap of our exciting adventures. At the end of each day, Shawn and Leah sat down and recorded their memories of the excitement. Florida in September is still quite warm. Walt

Empire Of The Ants | Episode 377

Jim discusses a 1977 cult classic from Bert I. Gordon, “Empire Of The Ants,” starring Joan Collins, Robert Lansing, John David Carson, Albert Salmi, Jacqueline Scott, Pamela Susan Shoop, Robert Pine, Edward Power, Brooke Palance, Tom Fadden, Harry Holcombe and Irene Tedrow. A group of people encounter giant ants while

Flopcast 593 Superman and bear

Flopcast 593: Dragon Con Review Part 2 – Stay Away From Aquaman

Flopcast episode 593! Our Dragon Con recap continues, and this time we’re just covering Saturday. While everyone else in Atlanta was out on the street for the big Dragon Con parade, Kevin was hiding in the American Sci-Fi Classics Track room for the ESO Network’s celebration of the 50th anniversary

Modern Musicology #86 - Sleepy Kitty Interview

Modern Musicology #86 – Sleepy Kitty Interview

Sleepy Kitty This week Rob, Steph and Alan have the great pleasure of interviewing Evan Sult and Paige Brubeck, who together make up the rock duo Sleepy Kitty. We talk at length about their new BLESSING/CURSE, their philosophy of art, their influences, adding new players to their live shows, Paige’s love of musicals, Evan’s time in Harvey Danger . . . and,

Cigar Nerds Podcast: Dragon Con Wrap Up 2023

Cigar Nerds Podcast: Dragon Con 2023 Wrap Up. We survived our mission to seek out the Dragon of the Con. We saw brave knights do battle, Transformers rock the house, drank some pie, and about a million Barbie. Tune in a listen to our recap of Dragon Con 2023. We

Flopcast 592 Dire Straits video guys

Flopcast 592: Dragon Con Review Part 1 – The Duck Is Fine

Flopcast episode 592! We have apparently survived Dragon Con 2023, and it’s gonna take THREE episodes to review everything that happened at our favorite annual gathering of 70,000 nerds and/or geeks. This week we’re just covering Wednesday through Friday, including: The amazing costumes of Brandon the Shapeshifter, the muscovy ducks

The Legend Of Hell House | Episode 376

Jim discusses a classic 1973 horror film based on a book written by Richard Matheson – “The Legend Of Hell House,” starring Roddy McDowall, Pamela Franklin, Clie Revill, Gayle Hunnicutt, Peter Bowles and Roland Culver. Four people are given a week to solve the mystery of “Hell House,” which resulted

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