Modern Musicology 102 - Beatles Covers

Modern Musicology #102 – BEATLES Covers

Beatles Covers The Beatles, like most bands, started out as a cover band, but became arguably the most covered musical act in history. You can find covers of Beatles songs in literally every genre of music. This week, we talk about many of our favorite covers of Beatles classics, including

Monkeeing Around – Gary McGrath – Episode 42

This week we are Monkeeing Around with Gary McGrath of the McGrath Project! Gary was a young Monkees fan who reached out to Peter Tork- that fateful decision led him to becoming a recording engineer on both Justus and Rays, producing for Shoe Suede Blues, and performing on stage with

Monkeeing Around – Head Soundtrack – Episode 41

This week we’re Monkeeing Around with Alan Siler of Modern Musicology and Cary Gordon of Metal Geeks to discuss the Head soundtrack! Monkeeing Around is a part of the ESO Podcast Network, Executive Producer Mike Faber.

Monkeeing Around – The Beatles and The Rolling Stones – Bonus Episode 1

The biggest bands of the Sixties are back on top sixty years later! Join us for a special bonus episode commemorating this special moment in music history as we discuss The Beatles new #1 single, “Now and Then,” and The Rolling Stones hit album, Hackney Diamonds! We are thrilled to

Monkeeing Around – Dolenz Sings R.E.M. and Wuxtry Records! – Episode 40

This week we’re Monkeeing Around with a new EP from Micky Dolenz and 7a Records, Dolenz Sings R.E.M.! We review the new EP and recount our adventures at the record release party at Wuxtry Records in Athens, GA, joined by Derek Miner of Cutout Bin and Mixing Links. Monkeeing Around

Monkeeing Around – Head – Episode 39

It’s the 55th Anniversary of HEAD! This week we’re Monkeeing Around with Alan Siler, host of Modern Musicology, and Derek Miner, of Mixing Links: The Monkees on Disk and CutOut Bin, for a discussion of The Monkees’ landmark 1967 film! Monkeeing Around is a part of the ESO Podcast Network,

Monkeeing Around – Monkees in a Ghost Town – Episode 38

This week we’re Monkeeing Around with Monkees in a Ghost Town! We also touch on the latest Monkees news concerning Micky’s new EP, Dolenz Sings REM, from 7a Records, the record release party at Wuxtry Records Athens, a benefit concert for Denny Laine, and the Black Friday Record Store Day

Monkeeing Around – The MonkeeMen Fan Reactions – Episode 37

This week we’re Monkeeing Around with Bryna Dambrowski and Patty Adams to discuss their reactions to the debut performances of The MonkeeMen and their longtime fandom for The Fab Four! Special thanks to Bryna for the audio clips of the MonkeeMen featured in this episode! Visit the MonkeeMen Facebook group

Monkeeing Around – Beautiful: The Carole King Musical – Episode 36

This week we’re Monkeeing Around with Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, which we saw at the Aurora Theatre in Lawrenceville, Ga! We also discuss what happening in the world of the Monkees with Dolenz Sings R.E.M., Micky Dolenz’ new EP from 7a Records, Micky’s record release party at Wuxtry Records

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